Chapter Five

Our Dear Departed

How many incarnations in physical form have Gill and I experienced – here and elsewhere? Will we have a choice after this life as to whether or not to reincarnate again?

You have no need to know that, but you will have choice to reincarnate again.

May I ask if you have any word about our friend, Alan’s mother who recently died?

She was very, very tired of mortal life and finally able to face the unknown. She is aware of and grateful for the long period of care she received from her sons and is now resting and adjusting to being in spirit. She is no longer afraid.

Arthur, may I ask about my own parents? What can you tell me about them?

The concerns of earthly life are simply past. Each of them fulfilled a role. They have merged into a different kind of existence – yes, they continue to exist – which I cannot describe to you. They left behind on earth strong vibrations of good will which follow you to this day.

Is this true of Gill’s parents?

Yes. This is why she eventually tends to remember most what she believes is good about them as they lived on earth. The undesirable memories fade because the good intentions overweigh the other actions. This is very powerful energy, but has to work against disbelief for a long time to empower Gill now. It is still positive and will help her as it grows stronger.

What about our pets – Tiddies, Daisy, Kitty – and others from the past.

These animals are transmitters and receivers of the care and love they were given and gave back. That energy is very much alive. It is not lost. Can you imagine little links particularly between the three you named making all three complete spirits with each other? Their combined energy is particularly strong. It is splendid.

How much are our cats aware of?

They are very much in tune with every shift of mood and they can often foresee your worried state. They will be much closer partly for safety and partly to offer warmth. When all is going well they just tune out and tend to their own cat concerns.

I would like to pursue further the questions about existence after death. For example, do our cats still exist in some form?

All living things transform at ‘death’. They do not have form, as you know it but are more nearly pure energy.

Are we still linked with them in some way?

You have the ability to touch that energy when you think of them. It is very positive and powerful.

What about reincarnation. Are our parents reincarnated in time and matter?

Their energies may enter in to mortal bodies again with a synthesis of what characteristics were particularly experienced. Rarely this can be recognised and remembered in another earthly life. Your parents are still in pure energy form, however.

Since they are in spirit now, can I communicate with that spirit?

The answer depends on what you mean by communication. Their energy beings can be reached as with your pets. When people seem to talk to persons deceased and see them in earthly form, they are transforming that energy into a mind picture – rather like tv – and like tv or radio waves it has also powerful meaning if ‘tuned in’ clearly.

You said that leaving the physical body has a lot to do with the events leading up to that moment. A death like that of young Rachel Cook in 1987 seemed to everyone to be ‘untimely’. If it is appropriate for us to know, can you explain why such a death occurs?

Every life no matter how brief is complete. Every human life will end and rarely will it be considered ‘timely’ by those left behind. The spirit which leaves the body is not concerned with life which he has just left. There are many, many factors as to why a death occurs, but the energy (memories) of that spirit will continue to affect those known to him throughout their lifetimes.

The people I have known who are in spirit, what are they actually ‘doing’? Please could you give an example? What might I ‘do’, or what might Gill ‘do’ when we are in spirit?

These entities have been on Earth and are attracted to merge with others like themselves. This, of course, increases energy, and then they are drawn to send energy back to Earth where they usually do not lose connections. Some lose interest in Earth and begin to discover other worlds. Some you might say, study where they might reincarnate. Beyond this I cannot describe it. They do retain they individuality of origin – i.e. they don’t forget who they were.

If I constantly think of someone who has died, do they still have a choice as to whether or not they will respond to my thoughts? Or am I in a way holding them back?

They have that choice. See previous answer.

When we die and enter the spirit world we are at once flooded with an understanding we didn’t have on Earth? Does this mean that we immediately possess knowledge that we did not have when in body, and are then aware of the impact on others of the roles we played?

The spirit is not catapulted out of the body. It detaches itself slowly depending on what afterlife he has created. Understanding of worldly existence which the spirit didn’t have when in body is delayed until the spirit releases its attachment to the Earth. Then he will gain that knowledge and will see his own impact on others in the roles he has played. He also will see their influences on him.

You say the spirit ‘detaches itself slowly from the body’. As there is no time in the spirit world, only on Earth, does your answer imply that we leave our body by degrees while we are still alive? Has that moment come yet for either or us?

Spirits are loathe to leave Earth’s attraction. I did not mean literally the body as you do not leave it while you are yet alive. There is an intense pull to stay close.

And you said that ‘understanding of worldly existence is delayed until the spirit releases its attachment to Earth’ – how is this ‘delay’ possible in your dimension of no-time?

This ’delay’ is an attitude of the spirit. It is hard to find words to describe it but it is a – will ‘sensation’ do? – that it is slow to let go of the attachment which drew it to Earth in the first place. The Earth’s density makes the vibrations slow way down in the spirit. In most cases, energy in the spirit increases enough to speed these vibrations which carry it into the spirit world. It is helped by other spirits to acquire that energy.

How is the decision made when it is time for us to pass over, for our bodies to die? Is it already decided? Is there a potential or specific goal to be achieved first?

It is not already decided. There are many possible events which can lead to leaving the physical body. It is not so much choosing the moment of departure, but the circumstances which will ultimately lead to that moment. This may mean caring for the body’s health, acting in any way perilous to it, or deliberately destroying it in ways which you may or may not anticipate.

There is not a specific achievement to strive for. It is not a matter for that kind of judgement. Medals are not awarded or withheld. When you choose an area of human endeavour and do it the best you know how, you will not regret the finish. Human endeavour covers everything possible from what you may regard as little or much.

I’ve just learned that my friend, Maynard passed on last Saturday. May I ask if you can tell me about how he is?

His spirit is still held very close to earthly ties. Although he is quite free of the grief of those he has left, he is also aware that as they (his wife and children especially) reach out to him, he can still touch them in what they will recognise as consolation. Maynard was a loving, caring spirit in body and that energy, although translated into a different kind of movement, is positive and good. This earthly connection is very strong so that it will be some time before he understands his new condition, but he will experience freedom and light. He will perceive this as a manifestation of his belief in a ‘heavenly’ afterlife.

Can I and his many friends let him know how we appreciate his life?

His spirit will react with an increase of energy from the combined thoughts directed to him. It will help him in adjusting to his departure from physical body. That energy will touch and strengthen the friends reciprocally as well.

Is Gill’s mother, Doreen, at peace now, content to be in spirit?

Doreen was a very restless spirit. She has adjusted to spirit life now.

Gill feels very bad about the circumstances surrounding the end of our cat, Tiddies’ life. Please can you suggest any way she can come to terms with this?

Gill must balance the long years of care for Tiddies with the brief time of her passing. She has to forgive herself for feeling she failed Tiddies. The little cat had the animal ability to accept what happened to her without any of the complicated, painful emotions of humans. Let it go – Tiddies’ spirit is whole.

You said that Gill’s mother, Doreen was a restless spirit, can you describe how she would have been helped to find peace?

When Doreen left the body she felt unfulfilled and unappreciated by most of her family. Gill was an enormously important source of support, but Doreen longed for great outpourings of love from all, which she felt she deserved. This left her in a very agitated condition at passage to spirit. In what you would regard as a short time, all that emotional energy became calm when she was joined (literally merged) by spirits attracted to that need. With their help she accepted the particular earthly life she led with understanding and finally peace.

If a spirit is, say, angry and takes that anger with him when he dies, is it possible that this discarnate ‘angry’ spirit could send negative energy to someone on Earth?

When an individual is angry as a characteristic expression of energy, that energy remains behind when he dies. Living persons certainly can continue to experience that anger, but the departed spirit will be helped to alter that energy in his new state. He won’t send negative energy after passing.

Is it only possible for spirits to help each other achieve peace if the help is asked for?

Asking for help’ in spiritual terms is a way of describing what I call ‘attraction’ and this takes place automatically between spirits.

How do spirits interact when discarnate? Do they only find each other by mutual attraction?

By mutual attraction and, as far as Earth is concerned, by mutual interest in human needs.

The principle of attraction, of like attracting like: is this an abiding principle – an absolute truth? And is it ‘thoughts’ which reach out to attract or repel another?

Attraction is an underlying principle, but does not mean there are no differences between those attracted to each other. Spirits are attracted to those whom they can guide or assist. When newly in the spirit world, the spirits are drawn toward those with recognisable traits to help them process their new existence. So, attraction then is the basic energy which is like attracting like. And, yes, it is thought which travels out to attract or repel another.

Is it possible for spirits to remain ‘trapped’ and wandering between two dimensions not knowing that they have died? How are they helped?

You recall I have said the earthly dynamics are intensely attractive and often spirits find it difficult to leave. It’s true these spirits may not realise they are dead to physical life and keep seeking a way to recover it. Eventually they will ask for ‘help’. This may waken living souls to attempt to release them or they will be brought to a spirit dimension by other spirits responding to that need.

Is Gill’s father, Peter, at peace? Does he know where he is? Has his belief in an afterlife changed now? Has he had contact with Doreen?

Peter is now ‘pure’ spirit, as is Doreen. He was accepting of the alteration from body to spirit, if a little surprised. He is now a ‘real’ part of an afterlife and has no need of rejection. And yes, he and Doreen have made passing contact. Each has been joined into differing merged spirit energy. (This is very hard to explain for your understanding.) These things are actively changing so this is not a permanent condition.

How is the decision made for a spirit to reincarnate? For example Doreen and Peter?

The individual spirits make the decision. They may or may not do so based on reliving a previous life. It depends on what experience is desired to enhance spiritual growth.

Since being in spirit, has Doreen made contact with her mother, her grandmother and her son, Michael?

The individual spirits you named are among those who assisted Doreen by surrounding her with ‘loving’ energy. This is the nature of the word ‘merge’. All that positive energy, especially from her grandmother and son, were an immediate source of help in her transition.

At the time of Doreen’s death, Gill was walking on the beach all alone there and saw a huge full rainbow. She felt this was a message from her mother. Was it a message in any sense?

When Gill saw the rainbow at the time of her mother’s death, it was an event of confirmation that all was now well with Doreen. It was a kind of spirit’s farewell. Her energy was all positively directed at Gill as her spirit still hovered near the Earth. Her guides provided the rainbow bridge.

You say that an angry person will leave his anger behind when he dies. Does that remaining anger linger on, personified as what we would call a ‘thought-form’?

The anger an angry person leaves behind is in the form of vibrations which are often felt strongly when thoughts of that person are recalled. Even being in a place where anger was expressed can recall that experience to persons who were not even involved, as well as those who knew the source. Yes, it is ‘thought-form’, but requires the presence or active involvement of a living being to feel it.

Did Gill’s parents merge with ‘differing spirit energy’ because they are basically different sorts of spirits? Will you explain further what is meant when you say they made ‘passing contact’? Did they not have a lot to ‘say’ to each other?

Gill’s parents were not different sorts of spirits, but rather were attracted to different actions. In our spirit world of timelessness they were able to communicate ‘en block’ you might say – everything at once as they did have contact, ‘friendly contact if that is your concern. It is possible that they will meet again should they be attracted to a common venture.

You said that spirits make the decision to reincarnate partly based on ‘reliving a previous life’. Does this mean reviewing a previous life from the perspective of the spirit world?

Your word review is better and more accurate. That review defines some of the particular experience needed to live a new life – not the old one – which fulfils more of the possible goals that the spirit has intended. This is approximately what you would call karma – really effecting balance between what was accomplished and what still needs attention.

When we are once again in spirit, might we choose to be animal, vegetable or mineral here on Earth? Is it a possibility for some?

No. Although there is energy of a spirit within animals and vegetable matter, it is of a different kind from humans. We are now addressing only earthly animals. It is possible to choose to be in very different forms in other worlds. In spirit, humans do not lose identity. They remember who they are. If they choose to incarnate on Earth, they remain in human form.

After our death do we remember all lifetime memories?

After death you can access memories of past lives, but there is so much to know that it will not seem very important to spirit.

When you said that after death we can access memories of past lives, ‘but there is so much to know that it will not seem very important to spirit’, do you mean that there is so much more to know? If so, what other kinds of ‘other things’ will be more interesting?

To experience the whole universe unencumbered by Earth’s density and the heaviness of emotional and sensory responses will be absorbing. You may want to refer to past lives if you decide to reincarnate as a cue for a new earthly experience, but becoming the pure energy of spirit once again you will be attracted by various directions.

During my near death experience as a child I remember feeling a profound sense of bliss – does everyone have this experience when they leave the body? Why did I have this experience? Was it a formative experience in my life?

To return to spirit is a wonderful experience for all. It is blissful though not always immediately, depending on the individual’s expectation and willingness to move on. In spite of your wanting to go with the spirit and regretting you could not leave Earth’s claims at that time, you learned the certainty of continuing existence. This gave you the confidence to recover your health and the will to live in spite of great pain and bodily weakness. You were also then prepared to know at your father’s death that he was still living well in another way. It has always informed your life since you felt secure in the soul-knowledge you acquired in the brief separation from the body, that all spirits live on in that ‘dimension’.

What was the light that I perceived at that time?

What you perceived as brilliant light is pure spirit energy drawing the newly discarnate spirit to it. Of that energy and his own desire, this ‘new’ spirit creates the expected after-life he has imagined. Many see familiar faces welcoming them or ‘angelic hosts’ or whatever they wish to create. There are other spirits to help make adjustment to this new environment until it is remembered – as it is not the first time – and he can bear the light’s intensity.

Will it happen again in the same way when I leave my body?

Yes, essentially the same.

Why have I always felt protected by the dark, a ‘comforting darkness’?

Your experience of utter bliss took place in a dark room where the spirit (you’ve always felt your guardian angel) held you above your dying body. He was formless blackness and invested you with such perfect love that you have forever after identified darkness with peace and comfort and safety.

Would you clarify that when a child dies the spirit is not child-like, but part of a greater energy with access to understanding of all previous lives and future possibilities? (Given that there is no time.)

You have understood correctly. Remember every human life is complete no matter how short or long. When the spirit is released, the memories of who he is will remain, but he has become formless, and then as pure energy himself will merge with a greater spirit energy. His memories cover all past experience. A formidable number of ‘future’ possibilities are accessible to him. However, he is not a little encyclopaedia, but finds what he wants to know by attracting spirits whose past experience have provided answers. That’s why I say knowledge is available, but not an integral part of this newly returned spirit.

Does Patricia’s husband, Bob who is in spirit have a message for her? Is he close to her now?

Bob’s spirit touches Patricia with its energy. He does not have a message for you. He will be near her for some time to come as he was reluctant to leave the Earth dimension while she seemed to need that support so badly and so directly. She is already aware of it occasionally.

Gill’s parents had a daughter, Gillian Ruth who lived for less than a year. Why did this soul choose to live such a short life – was it more for those left alive after she returned to spirit?

This spirit was responding to the yearning and creative energy that brought her into the world. It was enough for her to experience infancy. She brought some positive connection between her parents which was needed by this couple. That was a blessing for them which continued beyond her physical loss to them.

(If this sort of question meets with approval….) Is Gill’s ex-tourist friend, Lucille Chong in spirit now? If so, is she at peace?

No response from Arthur on this.

Is it possible for you to convey Gill’s love and good wishes to Richard Neall? And say she is still waiting for her postcard to see if it’s singed round the edges or damp!

You already have conveyed your own message to this spirit – your thought, especially set down in words, carries just the kind of positive energy you wish for him. He is pure spirit now. He remembers earthly being and will respond, but postcards not available – just thought-forms.

Warm and affectionate greetings to Harriett Goodspeed – we miss her letters and hope she is now well in spirit.

Harriett is at ease in spirit, relieved of Earth’s pull. Your good wishes touch her with increased energy. You will feel her positive energy reflected to you.

How is Sheela Nasmith now? Our fondest love to her: does she send a message? Is she with kindred spirits; is she with Ian – is he happy in spirit, despite the lack of a good pint?

Sheela is now free of earthly ties. She was ready to free herself from her body and quite at home in the lightness of spirit. She and Ian often are in contact. Yes, Ian is happy in spirit as is she.

Arthur, many thanks for your responses yesterday – they are, as always, very much appreciated. Was there anything I missed last time?

You neglected to mention that Sheela had no message. That’s all.

When Gill thought of the postcard that Richard Neall might send, she saw a picture of little angels sitting on white, fluffy clouds in a blue sky and the card read: ‘Having a lovely time, wish you were here. Fondest love, Richard’. Did she invent this or did it come from him?

You recall that this spirit said he would respond. The postcard was an ‘invention’ of Gill’s, an interpretation of his response which was just as Gill imagined it. It came to Gill from him.

Arthur, why were you aware of Diana in spirit?

In spirit, the one you call Diana, derived enormous energy when she attracted many spirits to share it with her. That merging produced a memorable and powerful force toward return to Earth. It was in response to unified prayer for help in bringing peace and harmony in place of strife and discord. I was not directly part of this merger. The Earth’s attraction had already claimed my return.

How is it that you do not have access to certain information?

It is possible for a spirit to meet refusal to a request for information as happened here. I cannot divulge the reason for this one. It is a rare event.

Gill feels much empathy towards Lucille because she was such a sensitive and troubled soul. She hopes she has found peace at last?

You were too tired last night to hear me. You took time out, not I. Lucille is in spirit. She is slow to reject Earth’s attraction and so is still incompletely in the spirit dimension. She is receiving help from free spirits. Send her positive thought. The stronger her energy the sooner she may find full release into the peace you have wished for her.

Gill asks how is Julian? They were once so close but she seldom (until today) feels his presence. Did he feel that she had deserted him? Did he disapprove of our relationship? Please send him her love.

Julian is completely in spirit now. He was nourished by the positive aspects of his love for Gill. He did not feel she deserted him so much as resenting the situation in which he could not include her indefinitely as he wanted in his life. Neither did he disapprove of the relationship. He only felt deep disappointment that it couldn’t work out. What is left now is a clear connection of loving energy which Gill felt recently and will often feel again. He will receive her love as I have described spirits do with enlarged and more vital energy.

And finally, Chris – Gill sends her love; is he still there in spirit? Why did he leave so soon? She sometimes meets with him in dreams and feels that there is no bad feelings, is this correct?

Chris was a young soul at the time of his incarnation. He was not completely convinced by Earth’s claims, but he had not intended his death. He is now fully in spirit and contemplating another earthly existence. There are no bad feelings with Gill. He will receive Gill’s love as Julian will and reflect it back to her.

Gill’s father, Peter would sometimes say that he saw a figure near his bed at night, a ghost. He didn’t seem to be disturbed by this despite his pragmatic nature. Was this presence his own guide?

Peter’s figure was his guardian angel. He never acknowledged this care even to himself, but nevertheless recognised a positive not a frightening presence.

Please can you help us with a distinction here in regard to Gill’s ‘invention’ of the postcard. How is it possible to know when one is making something up all by oneself, or if it is a ‘message’ from spirit. For example, Gill has been sending Lucille positive thoughts. When she imagines Lucille’s response now, it is warm and positive. Has she, indeed, found the light? Is there a way of knowing this without your welcome confirmation, Arthur? (Perhaps confidence in this is accrued through practise. Did that thought belong to Gill?!) Please will you help strengthen Lucille, Arthur?

Intuition tells you when you experience a psychic link with a spirit. It requires a creative act to assemble from the ingredients of your thoughts a message from the spirit. It will take practice to feel confident that you have interpreted rather than just imagined the message.

I will join the others (spirits) to help Lucille as requested. Gill correctly feels the positive increased energy Lucille has gained from Gill’s good wishes. And from Lucille, Gill feels the warm appreciative response.

You say that ‘Diana, derived enormous energy when she attracted many spirits to share it with her’ – share what exactly? And, do you mean in spirit when she was discarnate or when she journeyed in spirit while still incarnated in this life? When did this event occur in our time?

This has all taken place during Diana’s current incarnation as she attracted merging spirits’ energy to fuel her work to develop human group consciousness toward peace and harmony in the world. Those spirits were then strongly pulled toward return to Earth.

You say that Chris ‘had not intended his death’, does this mean that some people die ‘before their time’? Also, what is the meaning of ‘He was not completely convinced by Earth’s claims’?

Chris had not intended the particular moment of his death or indeed any particular cause, but he was incautious in such a way that there were probabilities of a short life-span and a return to spirit. When he chose to reincarnate, he was not strongly attracted to Earth – He was not convinced that this was most advantageous for growth and that he was ready for Earth’s demands.

How is Lucille now?

Lucille is still lingering, but is more and more drawn away from Earth’s attractions supported by spirit energies gently helping. Keep sending your good wishes. It is important.

You mentioned that Chris was a ‘young soul’. Does this mean that his spirit was only relatively recently formed? Where do spirits come from? I understand they were originally part of All That Is, but when did I become an individual spirit? What was my individual original first experience?

No, not recently formed. All spirit entities came into existence at once at the ‘time’ ‘All That Is’ splintered all that creative energy into separate compartments still bound by mutual contact. Chris was described as a ‘young soul’ – soul meaning inhabiting a human host – because he had so seldom entered Earth’s domain. Existing there ‘ages’ a soul promotes his growth.

How is Lucille now?

Lucille has finally been released into the spirit dimension. She is at peace there. She will still react to your loving thoughts as she needs to continue to build energy so don’t stop sending them. It helps other spirits to help her as well.

What causes cats to (re) incarnate?

Animals, including pets are natural to Earth. Their spirit-energy is drawn back. It is simply and smoothly accomplished. There is no choice involved. It is the place of existence for them.

Why did Gill have to kill the rabbit yesterday – was it to do with the rabbit’s need to die or with Gill’s negativity or both?

Gill reads too much into this event. It was synchronous that the rabbit which was ill went into the road as Gill drove over it. Her intention was to avoid it. There was no connection with her own negative feelings. The little rabbit’s time had come and actually mercifully as the illness was much more painful to endure than instant death.

Did Gill know Pat John in a previous life?

She knew her briefly as a step-mother, for Gill only lived a dozen years.

How is her husband, Derek, who died recently? Has he adjusted well to his new state?

Derek is relieved of his earthly obligations. He has truly found peace and ease in the lightness of spirit.

How is Peter doing now? Does he have a message to give Nancy?

Peter adjusted very quickly to this transition to spirit. He says greet Nancy and say I will remain close to her. She need not grieve for I will still support her in love. She can call on my energy as she feels the need.

Why did a young woman and a little child accompany Peter when he visited Nancy?

They are spirits of gentle innocence and delight who, as Nancy suspected, were welcoming and leading Peter into the spirit world. The appearance of these spirits was completely unthreatening so Peter would immediately be put at ease in his new environment.

Nancy saw Peter with the two spirits of woman and child about 2 weeks after he died. Is it possible to account for this ‘delay’? Did this actually happen at the time of death? Although your realm is timeless, spiritual growth, for instance, must mark a sort of passage resembling time?

Actually there was no ‘delay’ – Nancy saw Peter when she needed to. Yes, it did happen in Earth’s concept of time at the moment of death. As past, present and future are simultaneous, spiritual growth is marked by noting the change in the spirit’s energy not in a linear sense but global accrual of experience.

A) Was Richard Neall responsible for directing her to his book describing his own flying adventures? If so, please thank him and say she is enjoying learning to fly and will remember him as she progresses!

B) If not, was there a special significance in the fact that one of his stories was about surviving a near-death experience on 13th August, as did Graham? Is there a deliberate link at work here?

Yes, the living spirit energy of Richard Neall did bring his book to Gill’s attention. Gill has already thanked him by expressing her understanding of that. She really felt his presence. She need not ask if there is a deliberate design. Doesn’t that seem obvious?

Graham says he is aware of many spirit presences in his house. Are these spirits trapped or are they there because they want to be? If so, why?

Even in their phantom states these spirits are still experiencing satisfactions they knew in physical life. They have no real impulse to go, so do not feel trapped. There are spirit entities aware of them and watching over them. They will be assisted when the need arises.

In reference to Graham’s resident spirit-phantoms, is this a choice we all have at the end of our lives: to remain close to the Earth in discarnate form? Are these phantoms ‘ghosts’ rather than projections?

Yes, though not many do stay as the attraction to go with spirit is so powerful. Individuals newly leaving the body often stay near the Earth briefly when drawn by persons in close relationships they would like to reassure. Then they make themselves felt before going on to spirit existence. Spirits are often senses but, if seen, they are visualisations of the person or persons observing them.

Gill felt a strong sense of her father’s presence in the plane yesterday as she was preparing to make a landing, he seemed to be enthusiastic and impressed with the activity. Did she invent this or was he really there?

He was really there. His spirit was strongly attracted to this moment and able to transmit what Gill knew was his great admiration.

How might Shirley have direct contact with Robert?

Shirley will become more aware of Robert’s continuing spirit presence if she meditates on him in a place they particularly liked together. It is rarely possible for direct communication, that is, verbal messages in her mind, but she will feel his warmth and know certainly he will always be with her.

Graham suspects his cousin is his guide – or does he have another spirit guide?

It is unusual for a physical relative when in spirit to assume the role of guide. In this case it is so.

Shirley asks if she is receiving direct communication from Bob.

Shirley is recognizing evidence of Bob’s spirit presence. The incidents she mentions are indeed from him. He is showing that he is continually near. The shimmering yellow light is a rare and lovely experience, a vision of a loving spirit’s radiance. Shirley will continue to receive such messages as Bob wants to assure her of his care now and evermore.

Is there any news of Robert Brower for Shirley at this time? IS there a reason he went to unexpectedly?

He has quickly adapted to spirit, still drawn very close to Shirley. from his love he sends constant support to her. It was God’s blessing that no-one, including Robert, learned of his physical condition before his sudden death. Much long-term suffering was avoided so life could be enjoyed to the end. It was a complete and special life, one to be celebrated and thankful for. His loving energy lives on and will continue to fortify and bless Shirley and all who miss his physical presence. Send healing to Shirley.

Please will you give our love to Tane, and say we miss her already, and can you say how she has adjusted to life in spirit so far?

Tane is content with the sense of her life complete and well-lived. She had no need to adjust to spirit life. She simply is ready to be in spirit free of her worn body. You send her love energy every time you think of her and that energy returns to you as well. This is nourishing for you both and for Tane as it helps to restore the vitality which characterised her earthly existence. She will know you miss her, but more importantly just reflect on the warm connection you have experienced with her and know it will not disappear with this separation.

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