In reference to the personal birth chart, if there is a particular emphasis of energy situated in a certain place in the wheel, this will compel the native of the chart to behaviours in keeping with whatever that part of the chart-wheel is all about. Each of the 12 sections, or houses, has a special meaning.

Sticking with Esther in these posts I have been working with the theory that she has the 3 planetary bodies – which are for certain conjunct in her chart somewhere – in the 10th house of her chart because the 10th house of the chart is the most hi-viz of all the houses. The 4th and opposite house is the most lo-viz and private, it speaks of a person’s roots. There will be, depending on what is there, an authentic version of the personal truth at work in the 4th. It is because Esther has Mars, Saturn and Pluto conjunct – linked together – in Leo in the 10th house that she is compelled to display herself to the world, to apparently hide nothing, but to put on a show in some way.

Mars represents our will and the way we like to assert ourselves (or not), Saturn compels us towards the energy of whatever it touches, and Pluto intensifies and deepens by its presence. Esther cannot help but find a way to express this energy, for the dynamics of our physical being ask to be expressed depending of their nature and value. These dynamics are in the making before we are born, but are exactly ready for the environment we are born into. Esther has an intensely strong, vivid, compelling 10th house. (This house usually tells us something about the mother.)

Leo is joyous, loves fun, loves love, loves romance, creativity, children, acting, performance, art, music, pleasure. Its ruler is the sun itself. The sun is the light that brings life to our world so its symbolism is obvious. There is more to be said about Leo but I will not bring too much to this post. If Leo fails to know itself it can be arrogant, ego-centric, a show-off, too confident and so on. Whenever we speak of a sign, we must always look at the opposite sign for information to complete our interpretation – as Esther says, a stick has 2 ends. Our world is all about the nature of opposites.

Opposite Leo is the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius energy does not look so much at the wonder and splendour of the self, but outwards at all the other people who carry this sun-energy – Aquarius is about brotherhood, and sociability and love among friends. It can also be unusual, veering away from what we consider normal and safe. Taken to an extreme it produces the outsider or the criminal; mixed with Scorpio, the psychopath.

However, Esther has Mercury placed in Aquarius which is a good placement for Mercury, the communicator, as it is an air sign and Mercury works well in the element of air – spreading the word etc. So these two energies are, for Esther on either end of her major ‘stick’ in the 10th and 4th houses. Add to this her sun being in the 5th house which is the natural house of Leo and we feel or see a resonance at work. The sun is often what people focus on above all else in the chart – it is seen as a defining energy. Esther’s sun is in Pisces.

Sun in Pisces in the 5th house romps around in love with itself and all 5th house matters for there are no boundaries for the Piscean – which can be a wonderful thing – or not, depending on other chart factors. At age 69, we have a lot of Esther’s life recorded for reference, so we do not have to guess too much about these energies which are at work in her birth chart. Esther is a wonderful piece of empirical evidence for the astrologer as we have been given so much data over the years: thanks especially to the heavy emphasis in the 10th house.

Esther is also an out-there type due to Libra on the Ascendant of the chart and Venus, the chart ruler, in Aries on the Descendant. This will compel her towards a friendly sociable character – no matter how her chosen life evolves. Engaging with other people feels absolutely right and easy and fun for her.

As a Pisces, her sign is ruled by Neptune – this is astro-speak for resonance – Pisces and Neptune are on the same wave-length. We live in a vibratory universe. Neptune, unlike Saturn has no boundaries. Wherever it falls in the chart, there is often a vibration of invisibility – the native will have a blind spot – which might be a good thing or not, depending on other chart factors. In Esther’s chart Neptune is in its own house – more resonance – the spiritual 12th house of the unconscious – the ocean where all down-streams meet.

Pisces is the 12th sign. So this tells me that her unconscious is especially free of any type of energy which might interfere with her progress in life. From it comes a person who enjoys meditation and does not know her nose from her toe when she focuses readily on the air conditioner to zone out. For the rest of the world, mediation might not be as easy – quite often there are planets in the 12th which suggest challenges, ‘contrast’ or a difficult sign on the cusp.

So, here is a sketch of Esther without Abraham, yet we recognise Esther in this description at once if we have engaged with enough of the A-H material.

Yesterday I was listening to the June 2017 seminar in Chicago and for the first time I heard Esther playing at the role of Abraham, putting on a performance in line with the Leo planets in the 10th house – whereas before this, in previous recordings I had been drawn into the reality of Abraham – the separate spiritual collective stream providing me with the miracle I was looking for – an ordinary person giving voice to ‘God’. I think both takes are true – the playing and the performance to the point of reality – and I think that Esther is equally as honest in her representation believing in everything that comes to her.

Leo, the 5th house, the sun – all these and the rest rolled into one, with maximum confidence, a sense of playfulness, a bright mind and no hindrances working subconsciously to interfere: here is the recipe for an excellent channel and an excellent performer.

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