Esther-Hicks & Two Birth Charts

Using the two zodiacs: sidereal and tropical – the former typically used by Vedic astrologers and astronomers; the latter by western astrologers in general, this post seeks to see the difference in the example chart of Esther-Hicks, the famous interpreter of collective non-physical energy, Abraham.

Here they are side by side with the sidereal on the left:

esther dual sidereal

I mentioned these zodiacs in the post ‘Astro-Considerations‘, they are about 24 degrees apart in Tropical time. You can see that the pattern remains the same but the positions of the planets in the signs has changed. We read the sidereal chart as a reflection of who we are as the world sees us, and as we see the world; and the Tropical chart which we are more used to here in the western world, as a reflection of who we are as we see ourselves, containing a view of our public self in the 10th house.

This example subject is especially interesting as Esther is a public person, taking to the stage every 2 weeks to command a large audience of her followers and inspire them with authoritative yet friendly words from non-physical Source energy (God). I have been listening to recordings of her seminars (downloaded in full) as I wander through my woodland ways for several years now: since my physical connection with Source energy died. This process helps me to reconnect.

It has become my habit or ritual to spend time in nature every day – I take photos and make a short slideshow which can be seen on Vimeo if you check the link on the page here named ‘Meditations in Time and Space‘. This is how I zone out, entering a state comparable to that achieved in the meditation technique described by Esther and by my TM (Transcendental Meditation) teacher in 1985. As I walk there and back I listen to Abraham and take pictures.

If you are a spiritual sort of person and can accommodate the idea of modern ‘channelling’, I would recommend you either visit or do a search on YouTube where there is an abundance of material with lots of short clips on every subject imaginable. It is a truly comprehensive resource for ‘believers’. There are many other very good channellers around in books and online.

In Esther’s sidereal chart we see that her tropical Leo planets are now in Cancer opposing Mercury which is now in Capricorn but now squaring a dissociate Chiron which is still in Scorpio. Remember, this is the worldly chart. Cancer energy is cosy, it likes safety and comfort. When it is in the 10th house it finds these conditions, at least in this example, on stage. Do we think Esther feels comfortable on stage in the spotlight? I would say that we do. Also, the whole presentation involves mothering, nurturing, helping individuals – this is a Cancer energy. Do her words, her communications carry an authority commensurate with Mercury in Capricorn? Definitely. The moon is still in Capricorn here. Venus is still in Aries on the Descendant. Jupiter is still in Sagittarius.

Uranus is now in Taurus, still opposing Jupiter and forming a trine with Mercury, but from the more earthy sign of Taurus. This idea reaches in to connect with her apparent need to possess material items, one of her favourite things to do which comes up quite a lot. And as Jupiter is in the 2nd house we can feel her need to ‘have and to hold’ unceasingly. ‘More and more’, she often says, identifying with the continual expansion of a universal Source that never looks back. More cars, more houses, more furniture. This is an extremely material strain in Esther’s nature and apparently in tune with Abraham as well.

Here the point can be made that channellers bring forth the Source energy part of who they are, therefore the character of the medium and of Source are intertwined. This is why the different mediums for Source energy produce their messages with different emphases.

The sun is now in Aquarius which makes sense: often she will say to the audience, ‘You are weird just to be here; this is leading edge material…’ This is Aquarius speaking and most definitely new age material.

Yet our reading for her Tropical chart still holds true if we see it from her own point of view. Her sun in Pisces is ‘feeling’ energy in the 5th house – full of fun, playful, loving, childlike and readily connects with the Leo planets in the 10th house which say the same from a public interface. 5th house and Leo = same energies.

There is of course much more that may be tweaked out of the reading of a person’s birth chart, but this is only a blog post, taking off like a rocket into the blogosphere. Which is kind of like a prayer, when you think about it….

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