I came across this snippet in a description of the current TV series, ‘American Gods’:

‘If people believe in a deity it (the deity) takes a physical form and it draws its power from its followers. If people lose their faith in it, it dies. (………..American Gods introduces ancient gods from Egypt, Africa and Ireland living in modern America and struggling with the rise of the new and powerful gods of technology and the media….)’

It can be read as a comment on Abraham-H as well as Spirit in general, although of course Spirit cannot die in the sense the writer means, it continues to exist in its own dimension of experience.

Also, Speakers of Spirit like, Esther Hicks and my good friend, Jean who spoke for Arthur are offering power to Spirit while Spirit simultaneously infuses them with energy; and like it or not, A-H has and is gathering followers.

Astrologically this is shown in the passage through the last quadrant of the birth chart or a chart for any thing or event. In the last 3 houses and signs, society moves from the status quo of the 10th house and Capricorn through the relatively odd or unusual energy of Aquarius and the 11th house, to connect with Spirit or the unseen in the 12th house and Pisces. Yet symbolically we are moving out of the Age of Pisces which started around the time of the Buddha and Jesus, and slowly entering the Age of Aquarius. Slowly like the tide. Everything in astrology acts as a symbol for something in our perceived reality. Collectively we move to a better understanding of Spirit through the unusual ways of Aquarius. Esther’s Mercury is in Aquarius in the 4th house. Uranus in Jean’s chart, the ruler of Aquarius, was conjunct her moon in Pisces.

Those who speak for Spirit, channellers, all have a personal signature for this ability in their birth chart. We are all in touch with Spirit but some choose not to be visible about it.

Some of us embrace the new. Some want to embrace the new but find it hard because it is easier and feels safer to stay with the old or the more familiar. Collectively, when we have completed our time in Aquarius we will be ready for a new and different order or normality, a new and different 10th house, Capricorn, mainstream, status quo which has been through the transition of Aquarius. Circles within circles, cycles within cycles.

‘I found Jesus, he was taking a stroll across the pool….

In American Gods — an adaptation of the Neil Gaiman * novel — Jesus walks amongst us. In fact, there are multiple types because so many people believe in different iterations of the son of god.’


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