Spreading the Word

Religion: the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. A pursuit or interest followed with great devotion.

The more I listen to Abraham-Hicks the more I hear the overlap of the speaker, Esther with the inner voice. Perhaps this is because I see in Esther’s birth-chart her personal dynamics quite clearly.

In the same way she does not recommend that anyone pushes against any belief they have outgrown because it has helped them come to the place they are, I do not want to push against A-H. as Esther does a fine job as a fluent speaker. Yet, as with all religions, each believer brings their own interpretation into play. It is as if by giving our belief to something or someone outside of ourselves we magnify (and perhaps distort) what it is we believe in.

For a long time now I thought A-H gave me the freedom not to become an adherent or a disciple as they deny responsibility for offering any sort of religion – yet this is part of it. Jesus said the same thing – he too was in alignment with his ‘father’, his inner voice. He wanted people to follow his God not him. But if there is a band-wagon then people will tend to jump on it.

Part of the new age view is that we will become the outside ‘super-being’ that our ancestors worshipped – and A-H endorses this view: that we should meditate and tune into our own source energy.

That is the bottom line. It only remains for everyone to find their own way to this independent place and resist hanging onto whomever or whatever they have put up there on the pedestal. It is because Esther is such a good speaker that it is a compelling act to witness, and few of us are designed to stand on the stage and perform in the way she does. But if we want to do as A-H asks we must let go. Let go of all outer sources and feel our way to our own inner source energy instead – this will be so much more empowering than borrowing Esther’s inner voice.

Meditation is always a good thing and individuals find a variety of different ways to meditate. Each of us finds the best, most suitable right-feeling way.

‘It is good to come together for the purpose of co-creation’. When people join together in groups for any reason a larger energy is born. It is fun and often a good thing; as is a little personal detachment. Giving ourselves away to any outside force, idea or person is to give away a piece of who we are – it is not bad in moderation or as a temporary thing, but we lose our autonomy if we offer too much. Let us accept what is offered and make it our own.

It seems logical that the infinite is not reducible to the finite and that the only way to access the infinite is to go to the dimension where it exists. Or find a way to be open to it flowing through us. In this way we have a glimpse of the ‘heaven’ that awaits us. But to be enamoured by the energy of the infinite flowing through the voice and the mind of another ‘finite’ person, with finite reasoning, is to fall into a honey trap. Everything, the laws, the rules, the steps, the organizing, the personal stories – all of this is the channeller, the speaker, in this case, Esther. Esther gives shape to the shapeless, form to the formless, words to the wordless. Esther even gives a human character to an infinite character. Abraham is a stream of infinite energy and each particle of this infinite energy has experienced an untold number of incarnations in this world and other worlds, each particle has known and experienced and developed an untold number of characters. But right now, this collection of energy is aligned with Esther because of an affinity with her, a convergence of energy. She might call it the law of attraction.

It is not unique for people to love to be in the spotlight and entertain audiences. This is Esther’s chosen role. She finds this more compelling than using the energy which is animated within her in other and different ways. She could work with it out of the spotlight, out of the public stare. But she has chosen not to. And she chooses to continue her life in the way it has developed for her – which is what we all do.

I am very keen to develop my own inner knowing. I do not want to be a follower of anyone else’s spiritual format for the simple reason that the more personal it is the more it resonates with who I am. To become a part of another’s system is to lose a piece of my hard-won identity. I do not want to dissolve into that (it is a little too easy) – I would even prefer the continuing creation of my ego if it means association with a real part of me.

I very much like the way Esther works, the way she performs. I admire her skill with words and her quick mind, her fluency, her ability to think on her feet. Her ability to give and receive love/ego (Leo energy), her love of interaction with people. Yet these are skills common to many performers, essential perhaps to command a large audience. Most people would find it very hard to rise up to the reception of so much praise and adoration. Not so the ‘Leos’ of this world: it is because they can give it that it feels okay to receive it, mostly. With three important indicators in Leo in Esther’s birth chart she is a super-Leo.

Esther’s mother was a Mormon follower which is interesting as Esther’s 3 Leo indicators are in her 10th house (probably) which describes, among other things, both the mother and the career. These Leo placements are ‘difficult’ and strong energies. Many people do not agree with the Mormon religion, Esther included. Many do not understand or accept channelling. I wonder if Esther has seen this connection between herself and her mother.

Opposite the 10th house is the 4th of our father and our roots (among other things). Esther’s father she tells us was Lutheran, ‘the nicest man in town’. She has Mercury in Aquarius, the sign of humanity, in this house. Mercury here is in ‘trine’ alignment with Uranus reflecting her fluency of communication, her speaking, her higher mind.

My dear friend, Jean who channelled, Arthur was a very reluctant channel. I was the enthusiastic part of the emergence of Arthur as I was the one with all the questions. Jean was never keen to be any part of ‘spreading the word’. It was just not who she was. So Arthur, I could tell, was a tempered version of the limitless energy he/she truly was, and perhaps using a particular character for this interaction, which perhaps was born out of something acceptable to Jean. My own ‘guide’ was very close in nature to Arthur which was why and how our 5 year period of channelling was possible.

When we began the experiment of trying to speak with spirit, it was at the same time of day. When we compared results there was a distinct difference. Mine sounded like my own voice answering the questions. Jean’s answers sounded like a voice quite apart from the way Jean sounded. She was very doubtful and continued to be. Nevertheless, as an astrologer I was eventually able to make a birth chart for our two guides, as birth charts can be erected for the birth of anything. The times of the charts were very close. Arthur explained that all of this closeness was the reason that the three (or four) of us could interact in the way we did. We never used the sort of vocabulary and concepts that Esther and Abraham produce, but the early questions from Jerry were similar to some of my questions.

To conclude, the emphasis that all spirit guides offer is on the individual developing his/her own ability to connect with their own spiritual presence, through any type of meditation that feels right, that works. It might mean altering the pattern of life in order to do this, but this is always what it all boils down to. Abraham is right, they only have one answer.

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