Astro-Indicators Come Before the Law of Attraction

Indicators (solar system and fixed stars) for global resonance came before the law of attraction, they came before humans. The ability to interpret them evolved over time. The language of vibration underpins all references to LoA.

Both scientists and astrologers know the intervals in years between epidemics and pandemics.¹ The indicators are always Saturn and Pluto in relation to the Earth. The pieces have been moving into place slowly since 2017, speeding up through 2019 to the exact conjunction (when they occupy the same point in energetic space) in January 2020.

The indicators track causes for anything we choose to focus on. Natal astrology is a complex subject like an intricate and colourful tapestry which moves ever-forwards in time. Life and this art/science are always new.

At present these 2 special Covid-19 indicators are far enough apart to lull us into less anxiety as we move forwards with some knowledge of how to proceed and instructions on how to behave. Every person has a birth chart which can be seen in relation to the Now chart. When a point in one is affected by one of the 2 indicators or both it means they are especially involved in what happens.

Recently, Pluto began to appear to move retrograde which is a phenomenon caused by the orbit of the Earth moving at a different speed to that of Pluto. Saturn stations retrograde on 10 May. As does Jupiter, which tends to add expansion into the formula, on 13 May. These 3 have not been so close at once since the pandemic known as the Black Death in about 1350.

Over millennia empirical events have shown retrograde movement to be meaningful. When an indicator turns retrograde the matter under examination enters another stage, less outward and more inward. We have experienced the shock of the pandemic and all it means to us and now we are chewing on it, mulling it over, making personal plans to the extent that we can. We may be sub-consciously reflecting on the subject of death – all sorts of responses will come up. We know there may be another wave of the virus in the winter and the indicators suggest that this will be the case, but there is also the likelihood of a vaccine arriving on the scene.

On October 4 they will be as close as they will become at 18, 22 and 25 degrees of their zodiac sign, the sign we locate them against. The sign is Capricorn which has a resonance with Saturn. It speaks of the social order. Pluto speaks of transformation, change, when something turns into something else. Death and birth always come together. Saturn is also the concept of resistance as it likes things to stay securely the same.

When it arrives again by early October it will move off very soon compared to its arrival. We see the 2 indicators widening the gap between them very quickly which is a good thing and causes me to feel optimistic about November onward. By December Saturn will be back in Aquarius again. We will be able to look forward to a much better new year ahead.





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