“…. posting or rebroadcasting of this material is prohibited….”

The list of re-recordings has been removed in line with a new stricture on Esther’s website which I believe is a backtrack from a former remark suggesting that at this serious time more material would be made available.

Next week Pluto slows and intensifies its effect as it stations (stops) to go retrograde on Esther’s moon at 24 degrees (and squares Venus on her Descendant). In October it will arrive to join my Mars at 22 degrees which squares natal Saturn, Neptune, IC/MC and opposes Uranus, before stopping to move forward again to hit Esther’s moon from around Christmas, moving on by the end of January 2021. It returns yet again to parlez with her Moon/Venus from August through to October 2021 stopping finally for one more rendezvous as it stations direct and then eventually carries on forwards from December 2021.

This Pluto (now separated from Saturn) is the indicator for the changes in our lives as well as the pandemic. It is loaded with meaning and archetypal information. Analyzing the movement of it and its relationship to other indicators tells us the story of how it is likely to affect us as individuals and the larger world. It is only the people with certain degrees of certain signs that are coincident with the passage of Pluto (and previously Saturn) who will be affected in the most testing way.

So for Esther there are 18 more months when events are conspiring to offer her opportunities for enormous change in public and personal ways. Her strong belief in ‘”there is no death”‘ will surely be up for review at some point since Pluto represents all forms of transition. I have explored this here a little before. If I go back to listening to these recordings and anything suggests itself as being worthy of comment I will check in again.

Meanwhile, here in Southern England we are having some beautiful spring days which I like to spend walking and musing in the green-woods. It is a creative and uplifting time and the short slideshows which are the result of all daily forays are posted here – see ‘Meditations in Time & Space‘. There is no solitude only engagement with a purer vibration. Solitude is more likely to be found outside of the natural world. I mention this in response to one of Esther’s beliefs (“a belief is just a thought you keep thinking”) which she offered recently.

Esther’s beliefs are to be found in her 2nd house of possessions and self-esteem where expansive Jupiter lives in Sagittarius, as well as her 9th house (resonating with Jupiter) where the talkative sign of Gemini on the cusp says it all.

Till then I hope there is plenty posted elsewhere.

Thank you as always.

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