Esther is Esther

To reach for a clearer better understanding of where I am going, what I am doing and why, is pretty much how I have spent my life and how I continue to spend it. In the context of okay circumstances it feels okay, in the context of turbulent circumstances, not so good. I agree that we need the ‘contrast’ and that it is an inevitable part of life – which is itself defined by death. The wheels roll round.

I will hopefully get back to reading the charts I presented 2 posts ago, but right now I am in a different place and seeking to make sense of it.

Continuing to use Esther Hicks as an example instead of myself as she is rather better known:

There is a synthesis of the parts and objects in the birth chart which is always there to be read as a whole entity. There is the birth chart, which is the base chart, and then the other moving charts which relate back to the specific birth chart: this shows us as a work in progress. We enter this life with a specific pattern which we chose pre-this life, in order to provide the starting point we wanted. Then off we go to see what we can make of it.

So, Esther is Esther with an energy or guide she calls, Abraham that courses through her. She chose the name – non-physical needs no name and has no gender; why would it? This Abraham energy likes to define itself as a collective, which is not uncommon; it seems to depend on the host’s perceptions as to how it sketches itself in the mind of the medium. Non-physical energy is automatically self-connected, yet each energy pulse has an identity and a remembrance of all past lives and all potential futures – the idea of a past is not relevant to them only to us. They or it lives and grows constantly outside of time and place. When it connects with us it is focussed in our time and place, and sort of helps out if required.

As an astrologer (with a birth chart) I find it interesting to see how the Esther part of Abraham-Hicks is creating the discourse we hear. I want to know what part of it is really about her issues and life and what can be translated as a voice without an agenda. Of course, Abraham fans take from it whatever is valuable to them and care not about the authenticity, but (I knew I’d wind up on the page somehow) my birth chart has the sun and a conjunction of Saturn with Neptune in the 4th house. The 4th house is the roots of the tree-chart while the 10th house is its topmost branches and leaves. I am gazing out at a very old copper beech as I write this which looks circular and can readily represent the circle of our birth chart, our world, our solar system. Everything about us moves in circular motion – and when there is a circle there is the point on any of those 360 degrees which is its opposite point. So my life (in general) is about rooted matters, getting at the nitty-gritty, authenticity, privacy, contemplation, withdrawal. Esther’s chart has (I think) Mercury in the 4th house, which reaches into those roots for information, but 3 very strong energies in Leo in the 10th house, the outermost reach of her identity. These 3 energies are about assertion, change and contrast – Mars, Pluto, Saturn. Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio – that is, they resonate with the energy of that sign. That sign is in her first house, her one-to one persona; Chiron (the wounded healer archetype) is in Scorpio. This description shows that in her being is a deep compulsion to express to the world at large (10th house) what it is that comes to her from within herself. Anyone without this configuration will not have this compulsion despite having planets in the 4th and 10th and 1st houses. We have a different mix – it describes us better.

So, in a way Esther was born to do the job she does, and to live the life she lives. But also there is the flip side because we are not privy to her ‘contrasting’ life. If you listen carefully with an understanding of the dynamics at work in Esther, then you will hear the energy which is Abraham and that which is Esther, the Esther who is working through her issues on stage to some degree.

The 10th house contains the energy which is like Capricorn – the sign is the essence; the house is the where and how. For Esther the sign Leo is in the 10th house. Capricorn is ruled (its energy resonates with) by Saturn. Saturn brings us opportunities for growth by creating our limitations, limitations which are often all about the social order, the status quo, the mainstream. Pluto gives us the energy to make changes to those perceived limitations. Mars, the lesser of the three in terms of the ouch factor, is about assertiveness, from weak to strong. Everything in the chart is itself on a spectrum somewhere between weak and strong and helpful or unhelpful. (Ultimately the whole caboodle is helpful.) Mars describes (by sign, house and aspects to other planets) the way we assert ourselves. Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn. Esther’s moon placement is Capricorn. Can you sense how it is all slowly but surely weaving together?

For another example we see a very strong Capricornian energy with Saturn strong in the chart of Queen Elizabeth II the current queen of Britain, who has Capricorn rising making Saturn the ruler of the chart – in Scorpio – from the very top of the chart on the mid-heaven. She was born to rule the social order and to carry out the job diligently throughout her life – she was and is still a work in progress. In line with this, from her point of view, to whom is she accountable above her own authority? As the figurehead of a country she has an assortment of advisors and well-meaning friends and relatives, but to whom does she turn ultimately? To the God (of the Church of England) for whom the priest who anointed her at her coronation is the representative. God, priest, queen, subjects – is the order of authority down this social line. Authority is the key word. Society is the energy in play. Capricorn is often associated with the archetype of the priest as well as the titular head. Notice also the Queen’s moon in regal Leo. Both the Queen and Esther have a Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius T-square, but with the signs in different houses.


Esther feels this authority as she becomes Abraham and as Abraham is dominant within her. Her words are chosen from the next sign along in our natural chart, from the sign of Aquarius which is the energy that takes life on Earth forwards into new territory to avoid stagnation. The wheel continues to roll round.

More on this next time.




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