Who To Be & Where To Go

In 1987 there was an event known as the Harmonic Convergence which celebrated and brought to light an exceptional alignment of planets. It was around 16-17 August 1987. There was a very energetic grand trine in fire signs with, I think a conjunction and a stellium on 2 of the 3 points. So it was like a huge cosmic surge which could be felt coming into alignment from the beginning of August and was still in force at the end of August and beyond. So anyone on the planet with anything in their birth chart in fire near the relevant degrees would have especially felt the expansion of this energy in their lives. And perhaps those with a strong air emphasis might have felt a pull out of a comfort zone – in some general way.

It is really not possible to make a world event fit all individuals in the same way because we all respond differently since the energy dynamics in our being, reflected in our birth charts, are different for everyone. However, when there is a powerful positive surge linking into a majority of people it represents a shift in the development of the mass consciousness. For a lot of people, 1987 marked a major turning point, or starting point.

This year is the 30th anniversary. 30 is an important astrological number as there are 30 degrees in each sign, and it is very close to the orbit of Saturn (29 years). We have a personal progressed new moon every 30 years, as does any event like the Harmonic Convergence. Anything can have a birth chart. This progressed new moon is an important indicator. When the progressed sun changes signs every 30 years is another important time for everyone.

This is a rather long introduction to the subject of planetary power points, that is, places on the planet where the energy is especially amplified in a spiritually powerful way. But Macchu Picchu is a New Age circus these days as is Mount Shasta in California and Sedona, Arizona – and the previously mentioned Glastonbury and Stonehenge/Avebury. I could see 30 years ago when I was in the business of organising trips to these places in UK and Europe that eventually the supply of energy would run out – because it was being used up. It was the Harmonic Convergence that started this New Age awareness on a large scale. And it was also around this time that the internet came into existence. So the Word began to spread faster and faster.

However, here is the breaking good news: we are in the process of making new energetic places. For some readers drifting by I can hear a resounding, ‘So what?’ Not everybody cares about the ‘where’ of life. But remember dear Reader, that we live in a time-space continuum. This is what makes each one of us unique. This deserves more than a moment’s thought. We are born in a time and a place – they cannot be separated. Our personal place (and time) provides the base of our identity.

Although the internet has created cyberspace it does not replace the material, physical world, it adds another dimension for us.

If you live in the UK, think of the counties and major cities – we Brits have an expectation from these different areas that people from outside the country do not tune into. In the same way Americans when they think of the different States, have an expectation and knowing of these States that anyone visiting cannot have till they have lived there for a few years. See how places carry an energy all by themselves, but also see that this energy is fed by the energetic input of people. The old power points were created by previous generations. Now that we move about the planet so easily we are setting up power points in an entirely different way, they are more personal. Indeed, the major criteria is the uniqueness and isolation of the place as the world becomes increasingly overcrowded.

We all have our personal grievances and know what they are. What is not so apparent is the antidote or cure. As we live in this time/space condition, I have found that if I move myself to a different location for a short time – sometimes only for a few hours, other times a few days – and when I let this location (which I have carefully discovered in concert with my source energy guide) have its way with me, hey presto, I am a new person.

It is all about the different qualities of energy in the world, to be found both in people and in places. We live in a world of vibration; we create our own reality. It is possible to make this a good thing if we understand a) how to know ourself, our needs and b) how to control our alignment with positive energy in the same way as we walk around without bumping into things.

For the first, there are many ways but I tend just to read the map of me, the astrological chart. For the second I am still in the process of practising alignment. I am a slow learner and not very good at following my own advice, but to know a way forward always feels better than feeling lost.

Finally, I am writing this from the perspective of one who has an especially strong (not in a good way) 4th house, strong roots, strong rootedness. For anyone with Neptune or Uranus or Mercury in their 4th house, or a more flexible or volatile combination – or just the cusp ruler – it might be very easy to be on the move (either in a good or not good way) but not so easy to stick around and smell the roses. Nevertheless, guidance is still helpful: namely the map of the self and the method for personal alignment with Source/God.

Thanks for reading.

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