Abraham and Arthur: The Same Last Word

There has to be a slowing down of Esther because she will not live forever, and it has begun with repetition in the dialogue which unsurprisingly takes us to the same place as my conversations with Arthur: the need before any action to quiet the mind holding the intention of contact with inner being.

Esther’s decades of providing information from the ever-present dimension of all that is invisible to us, has made thousands of connections with different people so as to lead as many as possible to this one place of quiet mind. We each have our own inner being just as Esther has Abraham and we can every one of us communicate in a similar way starting with the morning ritual (it does not have to be morning) of meditation for 15 minutes. This quieting the mind, rather than cogitating or as Jesse Stone might say, ‘mulling’, is the prerequisite to all good things.

If this seems hard or difficult in any way then we are asked to induce a feeling of appreciation for something. It can be something very small. Then carry on along this path to another focus of appreciation.

We are told it is best not to look back for everything behind us is over, the good and the bad.

Momentum carries us forwards, so it helps to start our morning journey with something positive and to hold the thought, the vibe and watch it grow as the day moves on. Should we become distracted because life takes over, we can try again to quiet the mind and refocus. If that is too hard we might take a nap or take our attention off to something pleasing.

If it all sounds too simple perhaps, or impossibly difficult and hopeless – this is where astrology can help.

Because the birth chart reflects every area of life across the whole spectrum of feeling and thought, love and fear, someone who understands their birth chart in this way knows when a day is likely to be good or challenging. I find it very helpful – I find it the most helpful thing about astrology – to look at this birth-map and find my place on it when I feel bad and to know that when a predictable time has passed I will for sure be feeling better and more able to function. When I feel good I seldom bother to consult the chart. But it is the first thing I do if I feel misaligned. This extends from short periods of time to months or more.

But how is it that a snapshot of the sky at the time of our birth can mirror our interaction with life? Throughout our whole life (without excluding our freedom of will)?

Answer: it is as Abraham says, all life is vibrational and the moment we join our energy with that of planet Earth, we become one with the energy. Pause for thought…

This starting point is very significant, it is the moment we jump in and take our first breath. This provides our spiritual blueprint, our birth-chart because the only indicators that are clearly there for all to see for reference and which are also part of this mix are the planets, the sun and moon – and some will include the distant fixed stars and the relatively small asteroids etc. These distant objects hold the same vibration as us at the time we enter the world, so we can relate and refer to them to find first and most importantly a good reflection of who we are, and second the way to find our way, knowing that their positions are predictable and reliable as time moves slowly on.

To find the ‘now’ information, we measure the geometrical relationship of where the object is now to where it was at the time of our birth, our unique entering of the planet. As Abraham says, we are thrilled and delighted to enter the physical world knowing that we do so at a time and into a situation which will help us to grow, to help the world expand – which is the nature of the universe.

Although you do not ‘remember’ aims you had prior to incarnating, they are fundamental in developing you as an individual. One of your tasks is to balance society’s requirement with your personal goals. When you and all humanity deal with this successfully the collective consciousness becomes increasingly ‘good’.” (Arthur)

Astrology is all about vibration. From birth onwards we gather momentum choosing direction by exercise of will.

When I asked questions of Arthur, just as Jerry Hicks or audience members ask questions of Abraham, Arthur would often refer me back to my own understanding through use of astrology. He would offer an answer and point out that I could already see the answer using the tools of astrology.

It is only because Esther has not learned the language of astrology that she cannot speak on its behalf which is a detail that provides us with an example of the limitations of mediumship, or channelling. Our conversations with Spirit cannot take us beyond what we have already conceptualised in some way, consciously or sub-consciously, because it is not the purpose of spiritual help to do the work for us. This would defeat the purpose of our current existence. Guides offer guidance.

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