Abraham, the collective spiritual stream, is limited to a degree by the shape of their ‘channel’ – as is all non-physical energy which chooses to and is able to speak through physical form.

When I look at a person’s birth chart I see what they came in with – I see whether or not and how the life will be testing, challenging, flowing, beautiful. When I listen to Abraham who is listening to questions from different individuals I cannot tell whether or not they are seeing the person as I would see them through their birth chart, but I assume they are in their own way. Yet individual differences are not really a big part of the show; individual questions are part of the show, but not unique and important personal differences which are the starting point for everyone involved including, Esther. We are who we are.

Therefore there is a sort of floating assumption that the Abraham recipe for success in life is achievable by anyone who follows the guidance. Also, we are told that they select only those people from the audience who are lit up with enthusiastic energy which is unhampered by resistance. This levels the playing field. It levels it enough to ensure that Esther will not have a rough ride, that there will be less likelihood of her bright energy suffering depletion by negative interrogation. This means she will offer the audience maximum spiritually imbued energy – which is why everyone is here.

Inevitably, we receive a less than realistic portrait of life through those non-physical eyes, albeit a very wonderful one. It is like watching a great movie that we are completely drawn into with all our beliefs suspended.

In conversation with my non-physical friend, Arthur, I received a more realistic response which exactly matched the energy of the question I was asking because he was playing to an audience of just one or two. He would not ask more of me than I could be at any time, but would encourage a step forward which was manageable. A-H has an emotional scale: ‘you cannot get there from where you are’, taking movement a step at a time. Arthur applied this concept to everything he offered.

A-H is on stage performing to an audience which demands elevated dialogue and monologue, so today’s observation is not a criticism, hopefully it is an earthly observation reminding me that I can offer something which Abraham and Esther cannot in their chosen format: along with other experienced astrologers I interpret the language of vibration seeing the unique differences in people. This helps to fine-tune the Abraham message.

If daily meditation helps us to receive our own Source energy, then learning the art of astrology helps us to better understand what to do as joyful creators with pre-life, self-chosen pre-dispositions to all that life has to offer.

It is fascinating to consider that a sketch of our life is contained in the patterns which make up the chart which comes into being at the exact time and place of our birth: before anything has yet happened – other than our first breath and our parents. Worth thinking about.

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