Where is Abraham?

The chart for the time and place of birth holds true for the whole life long. Every chart is different and every chart that ever has been and (not that ever will be as we have not learned the language of the future yet) any chart that is current now, can be interpreted using the language of vibration.

Because Esther has not learned this language – nor has she mentioned experience of other languages or of many areas of study found on the full range of topics used in life – she cannot factor it into what she is gleaning from Abraham, and Abraham has to work within Esther’s range of knowledge and experience because we are not hearing a magic trick where Esther is producing God from out of nowhere who can answer all questions. We are hearing a conditional version of Esther’s inner guidance, conditional because of the limitations of Esther as a person.

This is not a criticism. In fact this apparent emptiness in some areas is useful for Abraham to pour the message through. Her valve being wide open is one of her mantras.

Natal astrologers who are qualified and who have some years of experience have access to a wider range of reference – although very few I suspect will be able to produce their inner guidance as fluently as Esther can hers. It is worth remembering that we hear a version of Abraham-Esther that is a product of several factors which can be identified in her birth chart (a rectified chart based on researching all of her material since it was made public).

We see the open road to the non-physical reflected in Neptune in the 12th house and in Libra and we have the benefit of hearing the fluent and clever translation reflected by this Neptune in an air sign forming a grand trine with Mercury and Uranus in the 2 other air signs which are in mutual reception – making it an especially helpful connection which is all about clarity of communication. It is because most people do not possess this easy fluency that we are swept away by the instant interpretation that Esther presents. When my, not unintelligent and very quick-minded, partner was channelling her guidance she would do it in private and by taking notes as she was keen to get it right by taking her time. It seemed a very important and serious undertaking to her. Each channel has a special way and a unique chart which reflects their way.

I expect Esther could talk on any subject in a general knowledge quiz for a minute or 2 without stumbling or stopping.

Esther’s rising sign is Libra which is also equitable, reaching out warmly to the other person, and the Mercury of which I spoke is in the 4th house which naturally belongs to the moon, while the moon is in the 3rd house which naturally belongs to Mercury, creating another easy relationship within the host.

It is also possible to see the influence of the parents as shown by the 1st, 4th and 10th houses as well as the moon and Saturn. In Esther’s chart there are 3 very powerful energies in Leo in the 10th which speak of a very powerful energy being picked up by Esther from her mother. It is inevitably connected to her sun in Pisces in the 5th house because Leo is the 5th sign. This is another strong vibration. We also see the mother’s energy in the 12th house for the period the child was in the womb – the sign and planet tell us something about the energy being passed on from the mother. So, Esther’s mother was perhaps spiritual or vague or invested in some form of other-worldly distraction. Yet when we combine this with what we see in the 10th house it is likely to be what we might call a positive thing, something loving, creative but dominant. So it is not surprising to see the mother making an impression also in the 1st house.

She is responsible for being the example of the friendly and harmonious Libra ascending but also the much deeper and intense Scorpio which is the sort of dynamic we might connect with Abraham if we met in a different context where ‘they’ are not expected to materialise. Scorpio and Abraham both understand the nature of transitions, of birth and death. The interesting planet found here is actually not a planet but known as a centaur, which is called, Chiron – the wounded healer. We all have this somewhere in our chart but probably in a different sign and house and in relationship to different indicators. It suggests that Esther’s formative life contained some difficulties involving her personality, her persona, and formulated due to contact with mother. Perhaps she was found to be unacceptable in some way to others and found it painful to be herself until she grew older and life taught her how to deal with it better. The potential wounding and healing usually go on throughout life as situations keep changing.

The first house is very visible to others so it makes sense that we should find both Esther and Abraham in this house. It is especially useful to know this as we watch the metamorphosis take place live through the camera lens. It could be quite difficult for Esther if she was conscious of the whole world watching. This event is very much in keeping with both the pandemic energy and the fact of Pluto – one of the energies of the pandemic – exactly conjunct the moon in her chart for the duration of all these streamed talks.

It is a very different energy to that which Esther is used to in a large auditorium where there is a buzz of positive welcoming energy. Online she is alone, apart from the tech guy, having to provide her own imagined responses derived from the written questions. Because her moon is in Capricorn it holds the show together very well, formality and authority being necessary components for Capricorn.

Yet Chiron is in a square formation, a difficult aspect albeit in an easy chart, to the planets in the 4th and 10th – it is the apex of the T-square. It is because there is a certain amount of tension born out of prior experience that there is risk involved. Perhaps this is one reason why Esther is very keen to disappear (as herself) as soon as the talk begins. Her usual persona sounds very little like Abraham. A psychologist might think in terms of a split in the personality if the persona took over the life in any sort of harmful way. But it seems as if Esther has learned to confine it to set periods of time while keeping a firm hold on the reins.

The life is about talking, communicating with people, creating and harvesting finances and objects, and being generally playful and creative. This is a simple summing up of the chart, but it is through the confines of this filter that we hear the inner guidance. Knowing the full version of this chart, I hear nothing new in these talks. The questions are new but the monologue is the same. The vocabulary and the examples are the same as ever.

Perhaps what is the most remarkable is that Esther has kept going for so long – about 35 years – in light of what she is ‘preaching’ and in the style of entertainment through which she was given instruction from Jerry who had a rich background in various roles on the platform. Because it is essentially light-weight for easy public consumption it is ultimately limiting at a personal level. I am more used to hearing people’s troubles and their need for direction so that we can see it in map form and engage in useful dialogue which does not eschew the darker side of life.

Esther’s role I think, as she sees it, is to shine a light for people, to keep the frequency high and she is the right one for the job as she is a light-weight individual – one of the world’s happy people of whom I see very few if any. Why would I as I am a way-shower and we must navigate the whole map, not just the bright part of it.

This disinclination or refusal to look at Scorpio energy is perhaps why we see Chiron in the sign in Esther’s first house implying the nature of her wound. Does she deny too much in her effort to be pleasing? This is common in people with Jupiter rising and perhaps in many of those with a bias to the lighter, brighter side of life. To succeed in the Libra mission which is to exclude nothing and no-one and to be measured in it all is to risk disappearing into mediocrity which Esther’s Jupiter in Sagittarius would not like at all. So the grounded rule-maker in Capricorn intends to be centred and this is the energy currently in the process of transformation even as we watch and listen.

Given the transit involved and the world-context and that it is God talking, should this be gripping material in a nail-biting performance?

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