Freedom, Growth, Joy…. & Trump

We are each here to experience freedom, growth and joy, says Abraham through Esther. I was about to write a little about how the sun is the ruler of Leo, but that when it shines through the other signs and in the other houses it is just as invested in these. Two people came to mind.

In the overall A-H message I personally hear the pronounced fire energy of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: Esther has (I think) her sun in the 5th house, Saturn, Mars and Pluto in Leo, Jupiter in its own sign of Sag., and Venus the chart ruler in Aries. She speaks and lives on behalf of who she is. But what about everyone else?

So what about say, Donald Trump or, Mother Theresa? Two people we have all heard of. What would Abraham say to them?


Here is Mr Trump’s chart which has an AA rating meaning we can be confident about his time of birth and therefore the placement of planets and signs in houses. I have never heard him speak in person as I do not watch live TV. (I also live in England….) I have certainly read a lot about him in the news online and looked at his birth chart with interest to find an explanation for his extraordinary behaviour for a president of the USA. But I have never been interested in politics, so what follows is just a short look at his character through the lens of astrology with an Abraham-Hicks philosophy in mind.

Before I looked at his chart, I thought, this man is hyper-sensitive, he has to be a Cancer and he is so assertive he must either have Aries or Mars rising. Well, I was right about the Mars rising part, and it is in Leo – conjunct Esther’s Leo planets. Yet it would seem that a different ‘love’ energy is expressing itself here – a love of the self, or some might say a strong ego. We can blame his mother for this, but that is another story. I am not sure that Esther Hicks would see any similarity between herself and Donald Trump, but they do both love to buy things and this must in some way be traceable back to a feeling of personal worthiness, or excessive need, or self-love: which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the context.

But what in his chart made me feel the Cancer energy? It must be that he has Mercury, Saturn and Venus in Cancer – that would do it. And the moon is in the 4th house (of Cancer) opposite the sun. Oh no! He was born at a full moon which was also an eclipse. Folk lore tells us that we used to call mad people ‘lunatics’ as full moon energy was seen to have a sort of weird and wired effect on some people. Ask the staff in A & E if they have noticed anything regular around the full moon. To be born at a lunar eclipse amplifies this overly emotional energy. So all of this must have been the Cancer energy I was tuning into. Remember Abraham says we are all transmitters and receivers. Our birth charts graphically show what we are transmitting and receiving.

I think it is important to live a life that feels right to us. We must be who we are. So the birth chart will confirm who we are. It would not be right for an Aries to behave like a Pisces, or a Gemini to behave like a Taurus. We each have a solar identity which is easy to understand and is the essence of sun-sign astrology. So is Mr Trump enjoying the life of a sun in Gemini, which I hope he is as his north node is also in Gemini so it is appropriate for him to have something to say to the world. Also, like Esther, his 10th house is accentuated. I gather he tweets a lot – a very Gemini activity. And talking must have played a very large part in spreading the word about himself and his views on the election trail.

He also has Uranus in Gemini conjunct this lunar eclipsed sun introducing more eccentric energy into the mix: he will do odd things at odd times – it is in his nature. Sometimes people will like it as it will seem inspired; at other times it will seem plain bonkers.

Astrologers will notice the Kite formation in his chart: the grand trine with the opposition – in this case the full moon eclipse – slap bang in the middle. It is often interpreted as a fated aspect containing an inevitable outcome and I would not argue with this as it is a strong pattern, especially in this case as the eclipse is central. And the sun rules the chart.

This man is overly enthusiastic – Mars rising, full moon in Sag. – he can hardly contain himself. Another rather strange or eccentric arrangement (from my point of view) is to have the Cancer planets in the 11th house, although I have quite often seen Cancer and Aquarius couples. I think that as they are so different in nature they give each other the space they need to be who they are and often help each other in the process. Aquarius and the 11th house are about moving society forwards into something different from the status quo, different from the mainstream – that way as a society we evolve. People with 11th house energy like to lose (or find) themselves in group energy. Cancer energy is very touchy, prickly especially in men; men in general are not known for being comfortable with their feelings. So this placement wants the group to conform in a Cancer, private, personal way – which it is unlikely to do as that is not the nature of groups unless the group loves the leader. And there we have it: Trump has to be the leader of his group in order to feel right. Feel is the key word due to the lunar eclipse and the planets in Cancer. When he does not get his own way it feels horrible, so Mars rising if it is immature has a little tantrum and throws all his toys out the pram.

Mars rising in Leo is simply authorizing him to assert himself: it rules the 9th house of beliefs. I do like the part of his chart with the Libra planets in the second house – he does apparently like people it would seem, although as Chiron is there with Jupiter, there are lessons to be learned on this subject.This is, I think, a difficult chart/life. I would rather have Esther’s chart. But both people are being who they are and this is what we are here to do, learning and experiencing as we go. Astrology is a great leveler and helps us to tolerate others when we understand that they just can’t help it; and maybe neither should they.

This is the commonly used chart for the USA. Note the synastry, the convergence of energies with Mr Trump which will show commonalities:


Here is a map of Trump’s chart with the USA chart alongside it: note the US Mars opposite his full moon eclipse, and conjunct his sun, and the US sun in Cancer right there in his 11th house; and the US moon which is in Aquarius – that should work well for someone. Also note the US Ascendant in Sagittarius, his moon sign; and the US Saturn conjunct his Chiron – he will be forced to bring out the best in that Chiron (in himself) so that instead of expressing his woundedness he may express healing energy.

Trump & Sibley.jpg

So, are we okay with this human being doing freedom, growth and joy in his own way as shown by his own personal birth chart?

Mother Theresa next time perhaps.

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