Home Free

How hard is it to turn on our awareness of where we are and what it’s like in any moment?

I could tell you about my insights after meditation in the woods today. And if, with a great command of language that I do not possess, I drew you just the picture I wanted, it would still just be about me.

In the end, like dear, Esther Hicks who does a first-class job of opening her ‘valve’ to her higher self to let through Abraham for her audiences who happily give her all their money, finally it is all limited, every well-chosen word, to the same extent as Esther is limited which is to the extent of all her experiences. All we can hope or believe is that we are on a similar path and that some of what she says informs us – which would be because we have not reached the same point of wisdom in life that she has.


We are all different, and the way society arranges its hierarchy is not necessarily the same as the way our God arranges anything. But here we are back at ‘me’ again.

If astrology has taught me anything universal, it is that change is the only constant in life – to echo Heraclitus – and that each of us is different from the other. So that when I read a person’s chart, despite there being a useful set of objective astrological rules shaped out of the space/time continuum, I am reading it and understanding it – all the empirical evidence – through the filter of who I have become to date with all the varied experiences that only I have had.

This is good news because if I can do this anyone can. An energy accompanies us through every moment. This is interesting. It does not interfere and it knows how we think and feel. This energy, which feels the weather in our moments and all of our choices as they roll by with the weather, is there to be acknowledged. A nod of acknowledgement opens up a quick and small crack for an idea or a confirmation to pop through from… let’s call it The Namelessness.

All we need do is awaken to the fact that where we look, into which face we gaze and how we travel and which TV programme we engage in is all shared by discarnate company simultaneously. To really and truly have this awareness in any (or in every) moment is to find our own personal God. Namelessness. I would say it is to be ‘woke’, but I’m not sure that we each mean the same by that.

There is no one else, no other astrologer, no other channeller or medium, no priest or guru who is going to be better than this because we need someone who understands us and this is where we find it. Once we have this nailed, we turn on the sound as well for a little infinite intelligence to leak through and we are home and free.

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