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Progress of the Virus with Astro-Psychology Report

Some of the astro-theory was offered 2 posts ago, the details about how the corona virus is linked to the current Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Here is what it means in plain English, hopefully. Many people are confused over how the planets … Continue reading

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Invisible Battles

It was on 25-4-19 that indicator #10 (Pluto) stationed retrograde at 23 degrees of the 10th condition (Capricorn) and Saturn at 20 degrees was soon going to do the same on 29-4-19. I was following the progress of these 2 … Continue reading

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How is the Moon-Venus of ‘poor’ Esther?

Coming soon…. asap…. long overdue…. Esther’s Moon-Venus – 24 square 27 cardinal Today’s Chart:   22-24 and 29 cardinal….

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Astro-Psychology Defines Indicators to Track Epidemics

Astrology defines indicators to track epidemics: the conjunction of #6 and  #10 (Pluto and Saturn) (and sometimes #5 (Jupiter which expands the effect) reflects epidemics due to the people in the collective tuning into the energy of the slow-moving transit. … Continue reading

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