Esther Hicks Continued….

I wish, Mr Trump well but I am more interested in continuing with an exploration of the Esther Hicks chart/s. But before checking the Sidereal, Draconic and Heliocentric charts for her, I was noticing the retrograde planets in the birth chart. Very often we have planets in our birth chart which are retrograde (R) or stationed (S), or the outer planets will turn retrograde during our life. At the time this rather slow process happens it always marks a time when there is a shift in the life related to the energy of the planet.

Please see the post ‘A Personal Wobble’ where I talked a little about this due to Pluto going retrograde (for us all) recently.

Also see the post ‘The Birth chart of Esther Hicks’, where I look at little at Esther’s chart.

Esther was born with Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Chiron and the nodes all retrograde. This is quite unusual so my attention was drawn to it. Retrograde motion simply keeps the energy related to the planet or point rather dormant or working away at an inner, unconscious level. (This calculation is only significant in the progressed chart not the transit chart – will explain this more another time.)

So here are the relevant dates for Esther in her life:

Chiron became retrograde in 1950 and will continue to be for the rest of her life.

The moon’s nodes are about past (south node) and future orientation (north node) they have regular and frequent retrograde and forward motions: for Esther they stationed in 1968 and turned direct in 1970 and turned direct again in 1984, retrograde in 1990, direct again in 1998, retrograde in 2005, direct in 2008, retrograde in 2012, direct in 2018 and so on. Perhaps the retrograde times are when we process what has been happening at some deeper level and the direct times we move ahead in greater earnest.

All this must be read in context with everything else that is happening in the chart. The other progressed movements are more intensive.

Mars stationed direct in 1971 and turned direct in 1972. Mars is the dimension of our being to do with the spectrum of assertiveness. It will remain direct.

In Feb 1989 Saturn stationed until Feb 1991 when it turned direct and its power became more present in the outer self, and will continue to be. This was the period we know that Abraham was powerfully in development. Also in this period of time, Jupiter stationed retrograde in 1987 to be retrograde for the rest of the life. Authority and discipline become a greater outer dynamic than than the ebullient, somewhat reckless Jupiter dynamic – still both there but the balance of the energy has changed.

In Sep 1996 Pluto stationed direct until Aug 1998 when its motion turned direct and its power became conscious.

Also the change of signs for progressed planets is significant. For Esther progressed Venus changed signs in 2010; it went into Cancer. Before that it went into Gemini in 1977.

Mercury went into Pisces in 1960, into Aries in 1982, into Taurus in 1993, into Gemini in 2012 – stepping up the power of communication as Mercury rules Gemini, and it will move into Cancer in 2031.

Progressed new moons occur every 30 years so they are very important sign-posts. There was a progressed new moon in 2012 in Taurus, and before that in June of 1982 when it was in Aries at 19 degrees. This was an important new moon – she was 34 and was getting ready to prepare the ground for Abraham. It forms a trine to Mars, Saturn, Pluto which oppose Mercury and square Chiron. Notice that P Mercury had just changed signs into Aries, and Venus (chart ruler) was in Gemini the sign of communication. All very good for a chart whose key word is communication.

The 2012 progressed new moon was coming into alignment in the November of 2011 which I believe was when Jerry made his transition. So Esther was making huge adjustments and this is reflected in her progressed chart. Also at this time Mercury moves into Gemini on her birthday of 2012 which means we should also check her solar return chart for that year as it would also produce an interesting pattern for the year Esther was re-birthing.

Interesting to note that also in the November of 2011 the Black Moon is exactly conjunct Mercury; it would have been felt to be moving in for some time, and while it remains conjunct till 2020, Esther is dialogue-ing with this energy – the shorthand meaning of which is the female version of Pluto.

I think there has been a huge development in Esther’s work – a deepening and growth – since Jerry moved into non-physical.

On a personal note, since I am currently involved as an astrologer in reviewing Esther’s life (to some degree) it was interesting to note that her first progressed new moon in Pisces fell on the day of my birth in 1952 and was in perfect trine to my sun. The Law of Attraction in action – smiley face.

Thank you – more unfolding later.


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