The First Question and The Last Answer

‘Do You Know What You Are Wanting’ and ‘We Like To Suggest Meditation’.

After more than 30 years of taking to the stage and answering the questions of a multitude of people these are the two, the first and the last, statements into which the Abraham-Hicks seminars can be pared down.

As a graduate astrologer with many years of experience it is possible to look at these two statements and see how they connect and also to see why they are the most obvious in relation to Esther Hicks (and her higher being). There is much information about the way anyone thinks in the chart made for the time and place of birth: simply examine Mercury, its sign and aspects to other planets, and the house it occupies. Esther has a high functioning Mercury which likes to be in Aquarius, an air sign and it forms an enviable trine aspect to Uranus, which is the upper octave of Mercury. This alone places Esther in the top percentile of busy-minded, talkative, engaging people. Also, she is pressed to make even more use of this dynamic by Mercury’s placement opposite the 3 heavy-duty planets in Leo, which are all making a square to Chiron in Scorpio. Squares insist that we use them as they give us no peace unless we do. Saturn also insists that we be and do whatever it is bearing down upon, in this case Saturn is in Leo conjunct Pluto and Mars (the 2 rulers of Scorpio), opposite Mercury and square Chiron. I believe the planets are situated as shown in this chart for Esther, but if the birth-time I have for her is incorrect the information here still holds true.

Esther Hicks

Given this almost hyper-active Mercury it is unsurprising that Esther would feel it to be a marvellous feeling to quiet her own mind. However, for those of us who do not have an active mind, quieting it is no great shakes, in fact it is quite uncomfortable. For those with Mercury in its ‘fall’, that is in Sagittarius, and in no aspect or limited aspect to another planet it is a marvellous thing to feel the mind in its active state! This is the opposite premise for A-H.

Coupled with this and remembering those 3 planets or energies in Leo which is famous for wanting and yet more wanting – and loving – then we can see that Esther and her higher guidance are exactly on point and offering something which feels true and right.

Yet astrology shows that this true and right knowledge is limited only to people who have strong Mercury placements and a strong Leo or 5th house.

I continue to enjoy listening to Esther because she has the courage (Leo) of her convictions and she has certainly earned the attention of large audiences – in the same way as any good entertainer over the years. I seldom hear anything to dispute as we all carry our own truth and when it is true it tends less to attract conflict. All I wish to point out – and I might be the only person who thinks this is overlooked – is the limitation of one single person (albeit one who is in touch with her higher self which has in addition amassed or attracted a stream of non-physical consciousness which is not particularly unusual given the needs of its host). If any of us had been encouraged into this line of ‘work’ by the person we love most who is also an experienced entertainer we might well have wound up where Esther is. But our message would have reflected who we are and that ‘who we are’ is seen clearly in the chart made for our time and place of birth. And that is unique.

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