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The previous post, a transcription of a segment in a seminar with Abraham was the start of what was to be an analysis of how astrology wins over a medium’s translation of a vibrational message from a vibrational being. However, no matter how much brain power I applied I could not make a case for astrology over Abraham as the two are as different as apples and oranges in their attention to a question and a questioner.

From my point of view the answer to the person’s question was not enough to satisfy me, but I was not the person asking the question and there is good reason to suppose that the person was quite satisfied with the vibrational response from A-H. We cannot know that entirely.

So I use and need both. I cannot live my life without knowing what is going on energetically as presented by the current energies at work in my birth chart which is an energetic representation of me. This is such a wonderful short cut to a description of the self. So often I have wanted someone to understand me or something I want to offer without my having to express the short version of my life story, perhaps in a medical environment or a career/work situation; to a stranger or a friend. But the world has not yet accepted this astro-form of language enough to give it a thorough review – although interest has increased a great deal since the internet arrived. The reason is that it takes a long time. To research the veracity of astrology is time-consuming, so you must have some faith before you know it is worthy of it.

I came to astrology from the ‘real’ world of teaching, teaching adolescents. I gave up the job to save my life. First I took one whole year out to research and read about astrology before committing to a beginner’s course. I remember going to the library in the hope of finding an astrology book and was surprised to find several on the bottom shelf of the section about weird stuff – I was not surprised to find it with the weird stuff, but to find it at all as I was used to conventional acceptable academic study, so this branching out was radical for me. But I had recently experienced a reading from an astrologer that impressed me so much by its insight into my issues that I could not let this subject go. Finally, here was something that seemed to be offering me something beyond what was already known… at least by me. What was already known was not helping me or anyone else I met in school at all.

The Beginners’ Course I chose was with the international White Eagle School of Astrology. White Eagle is a version of Abraham. The White Eagle Lodge is specifically a spiritual organisation with, I think, Christian leanings – it talks a lot about the gospel of St John – you can find out more here: I was not especially interested in joining a circle, but I liked the idea of esoteric astrology and the first book I bought was by Joan Hodgson. Later I became involved with the Centre for Psychological Astrology, and captivated by the work of Liz Greene. But it was a long time from beginning astrology-study to the place where I felt I could synthesize a chart rather than just delineate the parts – which is quite an undertaking in itself.

This synthesizing of the symbols in the chart is a quantum move from outlining the parts which involves a part of the brain that does not analyse, but brings everything together in a moment – like psychic interpretation of blocks of information, like art.

This is what is common to Esther’s work and to the work of an astrologer. Also, each psychic will interpret differently as will each astrologer. This, to the conventional world, seems very unreliable, unworthy of further discussion.

To the person who asked the question of Abraham – a question which I identified with a lot – had I been asked this question as a spiritually inclined natal astrologer, I would have looked first to see who this person is by checking the natal chart, then looked at the relevant progressions: transit and secondary to find information about how the feelings of the person might be addressed and helped. If that was enough to begin a conversation – this process is a two-way thing – I would not look further. If I needed more, I would look at the 9th harmonic chart for information on where this person was trying to get to in this life. The 9th harmonic shows the best version of the self that the person can imagine. This helps as well. There are other charts that might help but these are usually enough.

I have found that, as well as discussion, a time frame is often most appreciated: an answer to the question: how much longer must I feel this way? This is forthcoming from the astrologer whereas Abraham, when pressed, will usually advise meditation as a 6 day starter application for all ills. This is why I continue to need astrology as I am not the sort of person who takes to meditation in quite the positive way that Esther described herself as taking to it. The opposite really. I like to think about things. It is not a pleasant feeling for me to switch off my thoughts. I like the idea of zoning out but I can achieve this in other ways, by a sort of mystical involvement in nature. Yet, this is not meditation.

These days I am persevering at the meditation through use of 20 minutes of focus on babbling water (downloaded from YouTube – without the bird noises). This sound resonates with me, so focus on it is easy. Everyone will need something different. I have tried various techniques since 1986. The babbling water is the best so far. TM (transcendental meditation) offered me a secret word which I used with some success in the eighties, but as usually happens life took over and became the main focus after a while.

Finally, I continue to be amazed and impressed by the work of A-H, also by the numbers of people who are accepting of it, as, like astrology, it seems implausible. Esther is so practised at her trance-like state that it is now seamless with an apparently ordinary person on stage doing what people on stage do. Why would any normal, rational person think she was speaking the words of non-physical, God energy? I think some of the vast numbers of A-H followers employ hope; some are the sort who will try anything to see if it works, some are desperate for an answer, some are curious and some, the 11th house/ Aquarius people, love anything as unusual as this as they are careless of conventional truth.

It is all good. Thirty years of seminars are available. They will circulate more and more. This is the direction in which the world is expanding.

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