“Timing Is About Law of Attraction” – Abraham-Hicks (Atlanta 7-4-18)

Universal Time is a time standard based on the Earth’s rotation. UT is a modern continuation of Greenwich Mean Time. Universal Timing is a phrase used by Esther  when she could have instead introduced Natal Astrology, had she known of its existence. This website has been working to connect the two since March 2017.

The astrological map reveals the different energies or vibrations that are born in us as we come into being on our birth-day. Our birth-day gives us a time, a day and a place – this provides the vibrational picture through the birth-chart of who we are. And then we begin to evolve, to expand as we move forward through time. The map, made for any time in the future, can be measured and compared to our original map (birth-chart, horoscope).

It is not that Universal Intelligence does not know, I used to discuss it often with Arthur who is non-physical, but everything that Abraham knows has to filter through Esther’s knowing. This is how Abraham is limited. There has to be a part of Esther’s awareness which can understand before Abraham can introduce a ‘new’ idea through Esther. This applies to all channels of non-physical.

Natal astrology has been around in its modern form since the end of the nineteenth century – this is when psychological astrology found a way to collaborate with spiritual astrology. The layman’s assumption about astrology is based on the media’s use of its being a tool for fortune-telling. Natal astrology and its link to LOA has all the while been a jewel hidden in plain sight under this assumption. It is difficult to ferret out a truth when it appears to be something else and when it is ridiculed by a part of society.

It was this social bias that played a part in Esther’s reluctance to be more open to the world about her gift of mediumship at the beginning of her career in the 1980s. Jerry’s encouragement was essential.

This website has been, and continues to be, all about LOA and Natal Astrology – there will be more about how they relate to each other and about universal timing – the basis of astrology.

Thank you

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