Irresistible Force Meets Immovable Object

Esther has been receiving the energy from two astrological indicators which have received attention on websites and blogs a great deal this year, as have all the people who have indicators between 17-24 degrees of arc active in their cardinal signs. What has been happening on the world stage has been dominated by those people who are playing out this transit, this energy, this vibration. It will culminate in the middle of January 2020 with the conjunction and then slowly disappear over months. Its effects will be long-lasting.

Esther has a conjunction of these two in her natal chart (she was born this way) as well as one other making a conjunction of three, giving the two extra energy and making it an especially strong vibrational match for the two in play now. The law of attraction matches like energy. These three indicators of Esther are redolent of all things associated with the sign, Leo. I am using minimum astro language here as it is off-putting for those who are uninformed about the subject.

To give more context, I too have this energy very strong within me and for the first time as I listen to Esther I can sense the humanity of the person she is without her messiah-persona leading the way. She is fearful some of the time due to this energy active around her, but she is using the tools she has used for 40 years to help herself and also speaking to us more when she speaks as Abraham about negative energy and how to use it. In the past she has shown a habit of ‘forbidding’ too much reference to negative energy as it lowers the vibration in the room.

I have been silent on this blog since the power of this transit kicked in for me at the end of Feb 2019, and recently I have been wondering if or why I want to speak of it now, or if it is too much a part of my own process and I should just shut up. Then it came to me that this is the time when Esther will be at her most receptive to understanding the truth of the astrological vibrational guidance system which is a language she has not yet learned due to early programming and false premises – as with many others who think astrology is just about prediction. This guidance system is rendered in the map we call the natal chart or horoscope. She could come to understand, if she likes, how sensitive it is, and how useful during hard times to see it outlined graphically so as to measure the native’s progress just as we calculate our destination in the car while reading or following a road map.

A modern messiah, Esther has already indicated she will use the negative vibrations that have come upon her for inner growth to become all that she was meant to become, perhaps a little in the way Jesus used his negative circumstances. She touched on the subject while on the Caribbean cruise in April.

How useful it would be for her to be able to see her own journey in relation to the rest of us who are also being hit and charged up by this rare event which has happened only twice since she was born in 1947, the first time being only months after she was born. Then again in 1982. For her it is her moon which is triggered at 24 Capricorn, so it is especially up close and personal on a very emotional level and including the theme of mothers and daughters, but at root it is about security. She will surely recall events in 1981 and 1982 when this conjunction became square to her moon. When my moon was transited like this by Pluto in 1963, my elder brother committed suicide at the age of 23 and my parents left me alone (age 11) due to their grief for 2 or 3  years. It was my first experience of depression. Then when I experienced the 90 degree square to my moon from the same source as I approached age 50, my mother’s body died. I mention this to convey to readers the power of just this one indicator alone when it is reflecting our energy in this way. The indicators and signifiers are a map, they are not causing anything to happen to us, no more than the road map causes the road to exist. Natal astrology is a system of correspondences. Also, the death of a loved one is not the only way the transformational energy works when it addresses our safe place as everyone’s personal needs are different and strong or weak. It is not my intentional to preach doom and gloom but to show the map of life in a detached and neutral way.

I thought it would be a wonderful thing if Esther learned how to read this vibrational language and so learn this truth for herself. It is something which is possible if there is motivation, whereas I am unlikely to ever be able to perform the psychic role that Esther is able to offer and so combine the two in the way which would double the power of what she does. Her example would reach people in a new way. This is a tool which has many uses in our world.

There is a lunar eclipse in July which falls directly on her moon at 24 degrees of Capricorn which will also be conjunct the powerful indicator, so this will be an immensely important time for her. It will illuminate the theme which will dominate her from January 2020. This has been and is a very long transit. She has certainly been under the influence. If anyone can make the best of this I would judge that she can. If we believe in fate, then this is fated as the positions of all the indicators are known before we are born. Our pre-birth self knows when to jump in and take our first breath to become one with the energies on planet Earth. This event may bring a kind of death or change for Esther that she is unprepared for. It will certainly give her the opportunity to grow. Here is an extract from the cruise to see if you can sense the Saturn and Pluto energy in this Sensitive, Esther. She feels more than most.

The Pluto-Saturn transit looms large. It began its journey retrograde at the end of April so since this clip there has been some relief for Esther (and others having this experience). If you Google it you will be able to read some interesting interpretations. Armageddon and Ascension are happening now. All around us institutions are, by falling apart, making way for the new order which has not quite begun to show itself in any particular form. This is what Saturn and Pluto signify. ‘Irresistible force (Pluto) meets immovable (Saturn) object’. Remember they are signifiers rather than triggers or causes. The people under their influence provide the cause.

I expect to write more on this as the act of organising my thoughts helps my own unfolding. Thank you for reading. Good luck if you are under this influence.



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