A Summing-Up

Since starting this blog and in an attempt to fit together Esther, Abraham, Arthur and the All That Is variations I have always connected with, I have listened avidly to the seminars in the spirit of a student. I have thought about it daily, I wanted very much to embrace the A-H material, partly because it is so accessible and there is so much of it and also because so many others can cling to it, enjoy it, learn from it – but today I have the strongest feeling than ever before that I am kidding myself, that what I see in Esther’s birth chart as the map of Esther is all I am hearing as she speaks for Abraham, her inner guide. I believe that Abraham is the highest version of who she is, but he is not a spiritual mix containing Source energy: the All That Is, Jesus and all the other names that have come up over the years. The limits are Esther’s limits. Esther, like the rest of us, is not infinite in this Earthly incarnation. I could list all the signs and clues and facts, for in so much talking there is a great deal on record, but there is no longer anything to be gained. Esther is not trying to do anything wrong, I think she believes in what she is doing and if it helps some people along the way that is probably good.

There are many hundreds of other channels on the planet in these modern days – there always have been but they played different roles in the context of the society of the time. We always want reference to a higher authority. The mediums of the spiritual church have a relatively respectable history, lining up with Christianity. The channels and preachers who connect with the mainstream religions are very popular. Then there are the outsiders: http://www.michaelteachings.com/channeling-history.html

With Esther’s messages I came to feel there might be a lack in who I am because I could not do what was necessary to connect with ‘Who I Really Am’. And now I am more sure than before that I am wrong about that.

So my last message is to urge anyone who passes by, not to give up on the God they have always known and have always spoken to in long dark hours of need, because that God is more present than the higher version of Esther Hicks. Esther’s formulas are made for her alone. We must make our own because we are unique individuals.

When you realise this and begin to see this is for what it is, by taking your first independent step you will suddenly feel so much better, more honest, authentic, self-aware. Suddenly you will be pointing in the right direction.

Dear Esther has a need to put on a show and loves to chat and socialize and feel as if she is helping people by offering the answers. To the conventional world she is just another weird entertainer. But to those who want the channellers, the mediums of this century to be in contact with their dear departed and to deliver answers to their endless ‘wantings’, or simply to have the vision of an ancient visionary, she is not helping. To confuse us a little, there is much that is correct in what Esther says, she is efficient and has done some research along the way mostly helped by Jerry.

If you hear a voice in your head it will be your own inner guidance and that is more helpful and loving than anything, it is always there and always knowing who you are and where you have got to. Endlessly listening to anything you have to say with no rules and steps and universal laws.

Let that be your guide. Play with Esther as a friend. Better still play with other mediums and compare.

Here is a very comprehensive and nicely written essay from a channeller on the nature of channelling: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_channelers03.htm

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