The Ages ~ Every 40 Years

The dots or symbols in our birth-chart act like valves: they let new energy in and allow the dynamic energy within us which carries a particular resonance, depending on who we have become so far, to touch the outer world. There is an interplay.

Today, I sat in my meditation spot which is in a small part of some far-reaching beech woods and considered why it was that no matter what my intentions nor where I put myself, the dark and troubling energy would find me and intensify to such an extent that some difficult thought would have to rise to the surface to accommodate it. Energy does that: it seeks something like itself, something it recognises or that will help to complete it.

I tried to find something good, something loving, a romantic memory a funny event. But once this particular brand of heavy-duty ‘irresistible force’ had penetrated I could do nothing but continue to be the ‘immoveable object’ of the established order I had brought myself to be so far. Which is what we are all doing to some degree. I am at one far end of this spectrum right now, which is confirmed by the numbers of the degrees in my chart, and everyone else has a spot somewhere. Even if they are not aware of any force or energy or darkness. In some way each one of us is playing the part of ‘force’ or ‘object’. Perhaps we even do both at different times.

It very much depends on the unique shape of our chart/self and to what extent it corresponds to the incoming energy.

What did it want, this energy? How could I change so as to help the process?

The energy, by the way, is a mix of every reverberation and tiny waver associated with the planet. Even thoughts have a vibration. Over the last 38 years we have built this up together – whether we know it or not. A great deal needs to change concerning the way we live on the planet and we each have a part to play. When our time is up, off we will go. This final event is not seen as the worst that can happen to us – it is most likely not to be seen as an event at all.

To understand all this helps by putting it in its place to some extent. It is like reference to an enormous map or an objective absolute contained within a religion – if we can spread it all out and see our relatively small place in it, it helps to see where exactly we are in the scope of things; in time and in place. Time and place are the 2 parts of the continuum which do not exist where we are going and where we have come from. There is no resistance in the non-physical dimension.

So, what did it want, this energy? How could I change so as to help the process feel better? The way to go depends on who we each are. For me it helps to start physically moving and to have a plan (however small) and to do something creative. It also helps, when the irritation begins to take hold, to take the first step towards fixing it: the smaller the pile of worry the less purchase the outer energy can command. I tell myself to continue to work on diminishing my troubles until the time comes when new ideas for new and good creative projects or ways of proceeding come to mind. Everything starts with a thought.

And this is where it helps a lot to know the way to measure the incoming energy in relation to the outgoing energy. I know that from 6 October 2020 we will be at the peak of the tension. The sort of tension from which the virus, Covid 19 crawled out and became one with us, planet Earth. It happens once approx every 40 years – we can be more specific with a look at the ephemeris. We do not know what form the event will take while we do know that our so called second peak will not be half as bad as the one in 1915/16. To have the tension apparently dwindling at the start of winter is a very good sign for our survival.

While the pandemic is seen to be the big event, it is made up of all of our individual energies: we created it and we are controlling it. I think that to have a sense of holding the balance as much as we can, the more it helps – while knowing that we simply have to wait it out. By the end of October we should feel a great deal better regarding the virus.

Lord of the Ages ~ Magna Carta

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