Neptune: One, Saturn: One

When Jerry and Esther began to take the Abraham show on the road it was because they had run out of their own questions. This is what A-H has said. This sounds right to me as I also had run out of questions for my speaker of Source energy after a while. Of course, it does not mean that there is not more to say, that Source does not have more to say, as after all, Source is infinite and has access to all that has ever happened. But it is confined to what we are able to ask which is an indicator for what we will be able to understand. If we understand this we can then understand why what A-H says is as much Esther’s ‘higher mind’ as it is her inner guidance. Any question she answers has to fall within her ability to make sense out of the answer. These are the limits.

At first it seems like the most marvellous and unbelievable thing, to converse with God – and it is. But we are always limited by our ability to understand. If the young child asks about arithmetic he can only understand an answer that falls within his current experience and which might stimulate an interest in further study.

So endless listening to Abraham is really endless listening to people’s problems with the same answers repeated in different ways.

The house of cards that Esther has built over the years has become a little fractured of late. There is a carelessness born of over-confidence (characteristic of Leo and 5th house) that has evolved. I heard Esther say in answer to a question and after a long pause ‘We don’t know’. Infinite intelligence does not know what makes the noise that a person with Tinnitus hears. The conversation continued until Esther came up with an answer a few minutes later.

I have no doubt that Abraham serves Esther very well, but it is our own inner guidance that is more significant because we are each so different in ways that glide unnoticed past Esther’s awareness. I have never heard Esther use examples from her life that pre-date Jerry – unless it is from her girlhood at home with parents. She was married before to her daughter’s father and she worked as a secretary or shorthand/typist. Very few stories emerge of any times which pre-date the ‘happily ever after’ life with the very wealthy and worldly-wise Jerry. It was Jerry whose experience and thinking had taken him finally to the idea of discarnate wisdom and the Seth books and led Esther to accompany him on a visit to Theo and Sheila Gillette (see: As Esther says, until that point she was leading a perfect life drifting along in comfort from day-to-day with the man she loved. Then it changed, there evolved a new focus with her ability to enjoy the practice of meditation and eventually to translate, or speak for the voice within her. I know how thrilled Jerry must have been, having had this experience myself with my partner’s connection to Arthur. I thought that if all my questions were answered I would know what to do next with my life, we both would. But it doesn’t work like that as we know from Abraham.

There is so much that seems right mixed in with what is clearly Esther’s voice that these days it becomes a more murky mixture than before. When Jerry was at the helm and giving Esther important feedback and asking follow-up questions of Abraham, it was a less divided presentation (for its time), more truthful. Although we know there is no one truth as everyone hears the same thing in different ways.

Esther is a little like a master croupier. She has a skill that many have but use in different ways and the signature for it in astrology is Uranus trine Mercury in air signs. This is not to say there is anything fraudulent going on but that Esther is able to do something that relatively few people can do. It seems amazing that she can think so quickly on her feet, but it is not so unusual when viewed in a more conventional context, like quiz shows or in the courtroom (or rapping). Plus she has learned how to lead a life she loves, apparently. These two facts could explain the whole thing if it weren’t for the parallels of similar information with other mediums who are not necessarily published or exposed.

So it is up to the reader or listener to take from all the talk that which is useful or amusing and leave the rest behind. Some of it seems to really hit the spot. I hope Esther recognises when it is time to retire gracefully before the edges of the seam become more ragged.

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