We Are Not Esther

So far I have sought to distinguish Esther from Abraham using some different methods in the art of astrology. I have been working with astrology towards this understanding of people for precisely as long as Esther has been identifying and then working with the part of herself she knows as Abraham. In addition, during this time I have spent years in discussion with my partner’s ‘higher’ voice. And, while I am not at all fluent in receiving my own higher voice, I am in touch with it.

So I have a perspective that Esther and Abraham have not apparently used so far which allows me to see a map of an individual in all their glory and potential. Whereas Esther has developed her intuition to psychic levels to allow her to tune in or focus on an individual for the time they are in each other’s company.

What Esther presents to us is brilliant, as I have commented before. It comes in a performance with a good deal of fun and showmanship. Indeed, it is packaged that way because Esther is a Leo-type manifesting the Leo-type energy in 5th house and 10th house ways; Pisces in the chart blends effortlessly with the function of whatever house it is in. I see her sun in the 5th house.

So, now can you see the part of the overall picture that is missing?

Is it simply that Esther as the voice for Abraham is just one person? Yet Source energy speaks through each and every one of us. Abraham-Hicks has said this many times.

So the appeal, what the avid followers of Abraham love, is the style and wit of Esther’s performance. The whole show reminds me of going to the theatre to be entertained. And this is precisely the role of 5th house/Leo energy. Combine this with Jupiter in Sagittarius and you have at least one strand of the preacher archetype in the mix as well. Throw in a healthy dollop of Mercury/Uranus mental functioning and you have someone who can think on their feet wherever they are.

This is not to criticize the show, for it is wonderful on so many levels. As I have said, I listen everyday, and it has in a way, helped me to better identify my own link with what I most value. But I am not Esther, nor is anyone else and I think it is quite important to hear this. If you are a 6th house or a Virgo person you will not be out to party and purchase and play so much as to serve and delineate and work: you will enjoy this as much as Esther enjoys all she enjoys. So see how the emphasis shifts – and this is to move just one step out of the remaining 11. (What is more I am only discussing one main theme out of the many themes that make up the whole person.) If you are a 4th house or a Cancer person you might be more interested in your own home or security and safety and the way you nurture others or yourself. This will be a more dominant dynamic than Esther’s, ‘let’s all have fun’ of the 5th house variety. Cancer and 4th house is more introspective. Also remember that we all have all the houses and all the signs in our chart – so what is going on in Esther’s 4th house and where is Cancer? She has Mercury in Aquarius in the 4th, probably – producing a rather restless person who likes to live on the go. Cancer is in her 9th house – she believes in the principle of nurture and security and authenticity but it plays out in ways described by the other dynamics in the chart.

Astrology cannot be explained in a couple of pages nor can a person be explained in a couple of pages as there many aspects to a person and many aspects to the type of astrology which seeks to explain the person.

The more I listen to Esther – and I really enjoy listening to Esther – the more I can distinguish the Esther part from the Abraham part. Recently I heard her confirm that we do indeed have a personal guide – I was questioning this omission in an earlier post. She did not want to talk about the function of the personal guide though, as her message is about empowering the individual rather than having them lean on an outside energy source. I also heard her say that she sometimes cannot tell the difference between herself and Abraham especially when she is making lists of positive things. I found this interesting as the identity of the presentation depends on the remarkable act of the human person giving voice to the up to date version of God. If they dissolve into one, the remarkable act disappears. Yet, they are one, so it is not surprising that Esther loses her sense of the difference after all this time.

Finally, keep your eye on Chiron in Scorpio in her first house as this is increasingly coming up for review; and as previously discussed, when it was under pressure from a conjunction with Uranus, this marked the beginning of the Abraham phenomenon via Jerry’s influence. The first house in our chart is visibly who we present to the world – it is the ‘I am’ energy. Does Esther know who she is beneath the Abraham persona that we see when she is on show (10th house)? I mean does she really know in the sense of astrological knowing? The tremendous urge to splurge reveals to me a type of person who never has enough. Is this another way of saying that there is an emptiness which needs healing rather than filling? Not with material ‘things’ but with a deeper integration and understanding of the various parts of the self. The ultimate mission of the three water signs is to find peace above all else. Has Esther found peace in her pursuit of pleasure?

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