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Here is the latest recording from Esther’s home.

I have not listened to it as yet as Esther is producing her material faster than I can scrape together a few words…… and I do have a few words on what she is doing as these are out of the ordinary circumstances for her and it helps to witness this in view of the rectified chart (when an astrologer finds a time of birth when none is known) – to see if it stands up to these new conditions especially under the hit she is receiving from Jupiter/Pluto energy to her moon. (I had another time for her chart which I was quite pleased with before I decided on the one that has been used here and it would have placed her moon in the fourth house, in fact all of the placements would have been one house further along.)

Esther Hicks

This brings me to the need to explain something about houses alongside what she has said about split energy. That phrase crops up quite often. She urges people to get lined up with their energy. This idea of split energy is like talking of easy and difficult aspects between planets and points in natal astrology. In our birth chart the geometrical configurations between the geometrical placements in the chart are important as an expression about the mix of our personal dynamics. Easy aspects or angles between points means we do not have to try so hard to make harmony between the houses of life that these points occupy. With hard aspects like oppositions or squares, we have to try harder as other energy cuts us off mid-stream.

We can explore how this works for each of us in helpful detail in astrology whereas Esther has none of the understanding of this language of vibration. The circle and its division into 12 houses represents the planet Earth rotating on its axis and the natural sections of the sky with constellations fitting around the edge and moving as time passes. So this shows our continuum of place-time on our planet. We could imagine that for each house, which is all about an area of life experience, we wear a different persona.

From our geocentric point of view the sun can be seen in any one of these houses at any time of the day or night. There is roughly 2 hours for the sun to spend in each house, although they are not equal as we live in different geographical relationships to each other on the planet. And the signs appear to move as the planet rotates. So we all have different signs in different houses. For the energy to line up as Esther suggests so that we are in alignment (with who we really are) everything would have be in sync – but it rarely is. In fact we need some difficult aspects to help us move into action else life would be too easy. And the signs are very seldom in the house they belong to. So Esther is speaking very generally and not taking into account the huge variety of complexity with which we are each born.

Looking at her chart, she has all of the air signs represented but only one of the earth signs. And this important earth sign is home to the moon which is (probably) in the 3rd house. The third house carries the same vibration as the sign Gemini – the air element – giving this element of air an extra point in our score for noting the weighting around the chart. It is little wonder that Esther’s mind works so well. Gemini and Sagittarius represent the lower and higher mind (as well as other things) as do the 3rd and 9th houses. Esther has Uranus, the upper octave of Mercury, in Gemini which is on the cusp (therefore ruling) of the 9th house. See how the energies weave in and out making connections here and there. If the 3 air signs have indicators in them in close degrees they are making a triangle configuration called a trine. Esther has a trine between Uranus and Mercury and if we are generous and include Neptune which is in the other air sign of Libra which is in the 12th  house – its own house as it is the 12th sign – then she has a magnificent grand trine.

We also see Mercury, whose natural house would be the 3rd house, in the 4th house; and the moon, whose natural house would be the 4th house, in the 3rd house. These sorts of connections make the indicators stronger. The air element is all about making connections on the mental plane, connections in the mind with thoughts and words. So it is all about connections between people, social connections. Wherever our moon is placed tells us about our comfort zone, what makes us feel secure. Esther’s moon in Capricorn means among other things that she needs social connections to make her feel safe and this is reinforced by the moon being in the 3rd house and having 3 planets in the 10th house. Esther’s moon grounds her – it is an important moon.

So when I hear her say (while she is wearing her Abraham persona) it is not normal for people to seek isolation to feel good, that it is normal to want to create with others, suggesting that you cannot create well unless you are with others – then I know she is talking as Esther. Because anything I hear her say which is in her chart is Esther. The chart is a map of how non-physical energy linked into the physical world at the time and place of birth to make her human.

As I have mentioned before here, I was the questioner (like Jerry Hicks) for my partner’s guidance, called Arthur, which she spoke for, so I have a special interest because when my partner transitioned in 2009 she took Arthur with her.

For reasons that can be picked out in my birth chart I go to nature and the natural world for my security and I enjoy solitude. I listen for ideas. I have hardly any air in my chart, but lots of water (feeling energy) and earth. Briefly, Esther needs people in order to feel secure: it is shown in many ways in her birth chart like the Capricorn and 10th house emphasis. I need only few people which is the opposite sort of energy (Cancer or the 4th house is opposite to Capricorn and 10th house).

It is no wonder that Esther would take Abraham’s message and fold it into her only way of perceiving the world. People who are especially social or sociable make an assumption that we are all striving to be like them as that is all they see. Why? Because people who seek solitude are invisible even to each other.

Also, the rising sign of a chart or the Ascendant is our primary persona, the mask we put on to meet people before we know them. The midheaven or 10th house is the place we wear our public persona. Our sun sign is our main mission this lifetime; the moon our place of security. This shows how there are multiple energies which we use in different ways and which do not necessarily line up.

We are complex beings, each different from the other, and we have a dynamic psychological complex each different from another.

Esther was asked, ‘how does the corona-virus choose who to infect’ (or similar words); the answer was ‘the Law of Attraction’.

The Law of Attraction applies to any strong energy at any time and presumably to less strong energy in less strong ways. In view of all the different sorts of energy we carry and of which we are made, the Law of Attraction is a more complicated phenomenon to explain than Esther has the language for. But this can be an advantage as it allows her to bring information to people in entertaining ways without involving a lot of theory. It was apparently because she did not have a great deal of theory on any subject that Abraham was originally able to use her as a channel. (Arthur said the same thing on the subject to us.) Esther did go on to explain a little about bodily death and dying. I think this was in Number Six.

If I do not make the point where and when I can that this vibrational language exists and that it is there for anyone to learn and use if they want to speak the language of vibration, I would fail to become visible at an appropriate time, and that would give Esther a good reason to say it is not good to seek isolation on purpose. But solitude is good, and nature is good also, as well as the natural world. And the path we are on as a species is bringing this to our attention right now for nature’s sanctuary is the only place we can go to from home without causing possible harm.

Thank you for reading. Again, the Link to Esther.

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