Abraham and Esther, the words, the answers to the questions, the steps to alignment with inner being, the theory, the background over all the years as the information has evolved, in all of this, two astronomical and astrological energies are at work: Neptune and Saturn. Neptune represents the energy of boundlessness, of spirit, of space, of timelessness, of dreams and imagination – of Abraham. Saturn represents the opposite energy. A-H is fond of saying that every story is two stories or a stick has two ends. Abraham is non-physical, we are physical.

They could say that every one of the 360 degrees in a circle has its opposite point. Astrologers understand the meaning of these opposite points in a way that no other discipline offers, for they illustrate everything in life which we experience. Everything in our physical world moves in circles and cycles, hence the circle of our birth chart.

The previous post mentioned the presence of Saturn, a strong Saturn which appeared in the question of an audience member. A-H was making a case for the absence of Saturn and the presence of pure Neptune. This would be like flying an aircraft without controls and with an unqualified pilot. Although we often fall foul of boundaries and limitations (A-H does not like us to argue for our limitations) there are rules we need in our society to facilitate the lives we want. This is the place we have come to in our evolution. Abraham offers an ideal peppered with very practical suggestions, but there are limits already in place which we have to work around in order to achieve the goal of alignment with our Source, then maintenance of  it through time.

Every time Esther refers to ‘time’ she is speaking of Saturn – Chronos. It is the fact of time and place which creates our physical world of contrast.

Our institutions, all of them, often come under scrutiny as they are not working perfectly. The teacher in the classroom would like to let the kids do as they please, express themselves without restriction, but soon afterwards the teacher would be fired as the Saturnian rules are there to be obeyed. Everyone has their boss in the hierarchy and this boss is Saturn. If the teacher does not keep the rules she/he is not paid money to buy food to live life.

How many of us would not like complete freedom to do as we like all the time? We know however that this is currently impossible. There are bad chaps out there who take more than is fair, so we need the police force or law enforcement officers to keep us safe. We complain about it as much as we complain about the faults of the health service, but we need that as well. And we need the political system and the justice system. And so on, all to help us live as freely as possible. In all of this we see at least three astrological players: Saturn, Neptune and also Uranus. About each one there is a long list of books at Amazon. Uranus represents the energy of freedom.

We all have these players in our birth chart, the map which is made for the time and place of our birth. Neptune, depending on its strength or prominence during our life, shows us the way to our spiritual, aligned-with-Self Source-Energy. Saturn helps us know how we are disposed to deal with the rules and restrictions – how easy it will be to connect with Neptune and Uranus or not. Uranus describes the energy contained within us which wants us to break the rules – it is there to help society break out of the mould. Society needs some anarchy to develop, evolve, expand.

Esther, as much as anyone, needs and uses Saturn and Uranus as much as Neptune which is apparent when she speaks for Abraham. Saturn is her organising skills and Uranus is the act of speaking out of the box, the box also being Saturn. She said for Abraham that money is as available as the air we breathe, but there are many hoops (Saturn) she has to jump through to make her money work for her and to retain it. She needs Saturn as much as she needs Neptune in order to live the life she lives, to do all that it requires to stand on the stage and speak for Abraham. History has shown us that making friends with Saturn is quite a good idea.

In all of this we can see how the idea of good and evil, of light and dark has developed through time – since ancient man first turned his head to the night sky.

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