Source Is Unlimited, People Are Creators

18/03/40; 26/03/40; 03/04/40; 31/07/47; 11/08/47 21/08/47 19/12/55 27/12/55 05/01/56 18/06/56 02/07/56; 19/07/56 20/09/56 07/10/56 20/10/56 15/04/65 23/04/65 03/05/65 07/08/65 17/08/65 26/08/65 13/02/66 20/02/66 26/02/66 20/08/73 14/09/73 07/10/73 01/11/73 20/05/74 28/05/74 05/06/74 26/10/82 08/11/82 20/11/82 25/06/83 30/06/83 11/03/93 20/03/93 28/03/93 25/09/93 09/10/93 28/10/93 13/12/93 02/01/94 15/01/94 26/07/01 05/08/01 17/08/01 21/10/01 02/11/01 12/11/01 19/05/02 26/05/02 01/06/02 01/11/09 15/11/09 07/12/09 10/01/10 31/01/10 14/02/10 13/08/10 21/08/10 29/08/10 31/12/19 12/01/20 24/01/20

An astrology map shows the degree to which a life will be challenging, or as Abraham-Hicks says, the amount and degree of contrast. We are not born with the same degree of potential for the same experiences (to state the obvious) and an astrology map does not show the strength or calibre of the soul entering the life shown in the map.

We are not born equal although we do all come from Source energy. Before birth, together with others, we decide how much we want to take on in terms of ‘contrast’ and what sort of circumstances we want to be born into. The rest is up to the soul and is pure creation. Leading edge experience.

To offer an extreme example of something that astrology can recognise: of all the energies at work in our world there are two that represent resistance and change. When these two come together in difficult alignment we have what has been called: ‘irresistible force meeting immovable object’. People born around these dates (shown above) will have this tension inherent within them as an inner dynamic  from the start, and their lives will be more challenging than the lives of people who do not have a tense relationship between these two energies.

When we take our first breath we engage with the energies that are active on the planet at that time and in that place. This is how astrology works. (Astrology can be used in different ways.)

Such people will find immense power in their lives which will make them or break them; often both.

People without difficult aspects or alignments between the difficult energies will find that life goes somewhat easier; more so if there are flowing aspects and if the easier energies represented in the chart are in harmonious aspect/alignment. These differences in people are not addressed directly by A-H. A balanced chart shows a balanced life, one where there are a good deal of opportunities and where we are happy with where we are and eager for more.

Inevitably the perspective, the vantage point from which life issues are measured in the A-H format is channelled through Esther’s experience and experiences. She cannot be more than she is at any given time because she is human like the rest of us. Abraham is always with her, but they are different consciousnesses.

Every voice which operates as a speaker for Source energy offers a different perspective.

These energies that astrology uses are archetypal forces. Another example is that of the healer. Healing cannot happen unless there is something that requires healing, so the archetype we have in astrology is that of the wounded healer, a symbol which is found in every human birth chart. Read by sign and house description it indicates the thing in our life which is a sort of Achilles heel, a weakness or vulnerable point which presents an opportunity for self-healing. Transits to our chart show the ups and downs of our wounding and healing.

To simplify, there are basically 12 archetypes in the birth chart, 12 signs with 12 rulers and 12 houses. Because these energies of human experience are configured in a multitude of different relationships to each other, this gives us the range of differences in people. These dynamics show us who we are.

I find it amazing and wonderful when someone (seldom) or some spiritual guidance sees what I am privately experiencing – it is a validation that I appreciate. I was always surprised and pleased when Arthur would see beyond my question to him and express an appreciation of what I was feeling. We do not hear much of this going on with audience members in an A-H forum but that is not to say that it does not happen in private exchanges between Esther and Abraham.

If I were in Esther’s shoes (which is way beyond my capability), and if I could I would honour the strengths and challenges which lie beneath the questions and questioners. It is in Esther’s nature to be up-beat about all issues in order to make the cork float. It is in the style of the performance and it works very well. But it is less real and complete than the truly rich experience of humanity.

We need this optimism, so it is a good thing. For me it goes very well with astrological analysis and I continue to listen with pleasure every day.

Thank you..

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