The Birth Chart of Esther Hicks?

I have been promising something on the birthchart of Esther Hicks one way or another for some time. It is a little daunting to get into as she is so ‘out there’ whereas I am so ‘in here’, if you see what I mean. Also there is not, as far as I know, a known birth time. I have written to her office, but understandably, personal information is not forthcoming.

I have a time of birth for her which I have created not by the formal astrological rectification process, but by listening to her personal anecdotes for many years and simple observation. For me it has all fallen into place, but take heed: I could well be wrong; you decide.

She is a sociable person, she likes engaging with other people. If we have Libra rising we can also place Venus in Aries on the descendant. And this placement describes what we know of Esther’s marriage quite well.

I would encourage you to google these house positions as I proceed for we know the day/year/place of birth so the sign positions are correct – but see what you think of these house placements – just do a quick search and if you know Esther by listening to her over the years see if any of it seems right to you.

So, Venus rules the chart from the Descendant, perhaps just into the 6th house (but including a 7th house reading). She is a sweetheart and very good with all sorts of people. She has been displaying this talent for 30 odd years.

This puts her sun in Pisces in the 5th house of children, playfulness, music, artistic endeavours, Joy, happiness, love and so on. Ring any bells?

The strongest energy in this horoscope then is the 3 planet stellium in Leo in the 10th house – Mars, Saturn and Pluto – very heavy-duty energy. Here is a person who puts herself on the stage almost every 2 weeks. These Leo planets echo the sun placement in the 5th as Leo is the 5th sign. The 10th house is our public persona. Quite recently she was telling a story about her desire for large ornamental lions – remember? Of course, Leo loves and wants everything – it is playful and heart-warming – with a certain amount of ego mixed in for good measure. If I were to choose one word for Leo it would be Love.

While we are in the 10th house notice the exact opposition between Mars and Mercury (hooking in Pluto and Saturn) in a T-square with Chiron in Scorpio in the first house (on the cusp of the second) and in wide conjunction with the moon’s south node. Yep, Esther is human and becomes frustrated and irritable sometimes. This Chiron will be under pressure from the progressed sun from July this year and active for a couple of years. Chiron is the archetype of the wounded healer; in order for personal healing to take place there must be a wound of some sort. I find this the most enigmatic part of the chart as this is an area we know nothing about (as far as I am aware).

For me the most impressive trait in Esther’s character and birth chart is her mental fluency and aptitude – an amazingly fluent speaker – she never misses a word – ever. Notice the trine between Mercury in Aquarius in the 4th and Uranus (Mercury’s higher octave) in Gemini (probably) in the 8th.

Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius gives her both a love of travel and that great sense of humour – in this chart it is just into the 2nd house where it would add to her love of retail therapy and provide her with a strong self-image.

Remember that a birth chart is not a demonstration of cause and effect – these influences do not make the person, they simply reflect what is there, in the same way that a road map shows what is there but does not cause it to be there.

Source Energy is the animating force in a birth chart and is guided by our individual ‘leading edge’ free will.

The moon falls in Capricorn in the 3rd house adding to her good feeling about joining the dots, easy speaking and elocution, feeling in touch with her mental processes – liking to ‘come together for the purpose of co-creation’. (She types at over 100 wpm – that is fast!) The moon in our chart shows how we feel. A Capricorn moon has some authority, there is a connection with Saturn. Esther always holds it together no matter what anybody produces in any moment. And this chart places Gemini on the 9th house cusp of personal beliefs. Esther believes in communication. She often says a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. In astrology we have the 3rd house which shows our mundane thoughts and the 9th house our beliefs. This chart is the chart of a communicator. (The 9th house cusp and the position of Jupiter in the chart are both very important indicators of our beliefs – beliefs guide us through life so I use these points a lot in readings)

Yes indeed, Abraham is part of the process, and this relationship preceded the horoscope, but it is a partnership. As I have said before, the interesting part is to understand Esther through her birth chart to decide how much of what we hear reflects some part of her personality and how much is pure Abraham. For many followers, this will not matter at all – and in a sense it does not matter at all. I just happen to find it interesting. It helps make certain information stand out.

And finally Neptune in Libra in the 12th, where it belongs – rather fitting for a translator of Source energy.

So, pardon me for this intrusion and remember this is just a rough translation of a birth chart with no known birth time. I present it to whoever is interested as just a possibility and ask: what do you think?

Astrology has developed over the centuries as empirical data is easy to compile and evaluate.

Esther Hicks’ birthday is given as 5 March 1948, Coalville, Utah. I have decided on the time of birth as 21.51 (local time) for the sake of a ‘work in progress’. I have also in the past sent this chart to the Abraham-Hicks office in Texas. Again, apologies. But it is interesting, isn’t it!

Esther Hicks

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8 Responses to The Birth Chart of Esther Hicks?

  1. nordicnorthdakotan says:

    Interesting! I was picking up leo energy too. Today I heard her mention being sensitive about others commenting on her hair. Libra rising makes sense as I’ve heard that libras tend to use their hands a lot when talking (libra rising here who does that 🙂 ) All this makes a lot of sense. Good job!


  2. gill says:

    Thank you! Good to hear that something in there resonates. Best wishes.


  3. I think you’ve done a really good job with her chart’s birth time. I like Uranus in her 8th (partner’s money) as it align’s with how Jerry made a living when they met: an MLM (Amway).


  4. Hello, as the birth time is not know I just did the numerology with the birt date. The result is 30/3. What is 3 ? Emotions. What do Ester-Jerry-Abraham, the 3, again, give us ? Emotionnal scale and process to soothe ourselves on this emotional scale ! Perfection.


  5. Rosemary says:

    This rings many bells with me! I found it a delightful and joyous reading. Your source love is coming through! Thanks!


  6. Jan says:

    This was really well done! Makes a lot of sense.


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