Esther Hicks’ Progressed Sun

A birth chart is like a road map, it is full of markers and indicators – it shows the journey of the self on paper in a system of correspondences. It is not about powerful energy streaming forth from the solar system – although this may be happening as well, but it is not my province.

Listening to Esther talk to a couple of very high-spirited and entertaining people at the recent Asheville workshop I was surprised to hear ‘Abraham’ appear to bring them down from their happy place in an attempt to explain it to them. The bottom line was that they would not have had the experience they had, which was a response to the inevitable ‘contrast’ of life, had they been in perfect alignment with Source energy. Even if they thought they were in perfect alignment they clearly were not enough in alignment. Noticeable was the advice for these people to try to see what they were bringing to the experiences they were describing, which sounded like a psychological approach to my ears.

The meta-data for me as a scrutinizing astrologer was the approaching progressed sun in Esther’s chart nearing the one degree mark to an opposition with Chiron which is a crucial alignment of another sort as it will oppose (I believe) her first house – and is square the opposition between the Aquarius and Leo energies dominant in her chart. Technically this P sun has been moving in for 10 years as Pluto holds the lowest value of 13 degrees in the configuration – but Chiron is the highest degree at 24. Looking at this in a little more detail we can see how Chiron in Scorpio produces responses to people very easily due to its place in the first house of the persona and due to the nature of the sign engaging very deeply on a first-time meeting; it is a very helpful placement for a psychologist or counsellor. (Not so good for a Prime Minister.)

When the P sun comes in as it is now to fill the empty place in the T square, it is specifically addressing this aspect or dynamic of Esther’s nature and asking: is this enough? It is saying, ‘Wait, is this whole way of life you have been enjoying for 30 years really still serving you well on a personal level?’ As she tells us from time to time, the message is really quite short and is always the same but is reproduced in different ways all the time because different people ask different questions. She has said that she loves the flood of energy she feels as she channels Abraham for the audience.

I would expect Esther to make a significant change during this progressed transit lasting 2 years and it will serve to fill an empty place that has developed in her relationship life to the point that it must now be resolved. Relationship with friends or those she meets professionally; or her relationship with her world. She will need to continue to feel good about what she is doing relative to the energy she is expending. The shorthand meaning of Taurus and the 2nd house is self-esteem: does what you think you have serve you as well as it can? As Taurus is, I think, in Esther’s 7th house the self-esteem is related to relating. Although she is a person who appears to the world to have and to possess a lot of material things, does she personally feel that she has what she wants?

I expect to see this theme operating at a subscript level in future seminars. She is capable of displaying some irritation on occasions and this may increase. When 5th house or Leo people place themselves in the spotlight not only do they receive light but also observation. The two happy people who seemed to need taking down a notch may well have carried this same Leo/5th house energy to the degree that Esther does also and there may not have been room on the stage for two performers at a time, although I have seen this sort of thing happen before and she has appeared to enjoy it.

The balance of our energy changes all the time.

hicks progressed

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