From the non-physical world we arrive in this physical world of conditions and limitations. Why? When in spirit we are free of time and place we can be anywhere in any universe simultaneously. Why then would we want limitation in this physical world of tangible manifestation and endless conditions and contrasting events and ever-flowing mind and emotion?

We are told it is a way of expanding what already is in the non-physical world. It is as if there is a residue or distillation, an afterglow made from our novel interaction with what is always new. It is unimportant what we do or do not do, what we become by our or any other standards. It is unimportant how we feel or whether or not we meditate. Just by existing for a time, long or short, good or bad, we are contributing to the expansion of the universe.

I am currently living a life that is not serving me too well. Although by some other standard, from the point of view of a very busy, overloaded, stressed person my life might seem like a holiday in paradise.

My job then is to find a way to make it better, a little at a time. As an astrologer I know more than most people about the why and the how of this in an objective sense. I can measure, evaluate and wait it out. I continue to be astonished that the original pattern of me never ends, never seems to develop; is always responsive to the conditions in this world in a predictable way. Although what the conditions will be at any time, I do not know.

Understanding the natal birth chart is primary in understanding the self in this life.

This is the birth chart for a NOW and a HERE. It is also some little someone’s birth chart.


I can feel as besieged and tormented in a peaceful environment as a soldier on a battlefield – although I cannot know this for sure. I might feel worse than the soldier who has some adrenaline in his system, or I might be exaggerating the perception of my feelings. It is not possible to know, only to imagine.

Guidance is there if we believe we continue to be connected to a larger spiritual part of us which remains in the non-physical state. We should reach towards the steady positive feeling of this invisible idea for guidance towards a better feeling. A little at a time. A breath at a time. Focus on breathing always brings us back to the essential life force energy that bestrides both physical and non-physical worlds. The breath is an ever-present reference for finding balance in any situation.

Endless nothing can be as difficult as endless something, I suspect.

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