Queen Elizabeth From a Natal Astro-Psychology Point of View

It was possible to see how dedicated to work and responsibility Queen Elizabeth would be from the day of her birth. But it was not possible to see when she would die – although now we know, we can see that the typical indicators are in place in a very positive way. There were previous times in her life when these indicators were in place, and sometimes people die at less auspicious times. So looking for a reliable death day is not possible.

If everything I do and if every outcome was always a possibility do I earn credit for it? Especially if it felt good and came easy?

Yes: I think there is fate, destiny in our lives; certainly an inevitable beginning but not necessarily an inevitable end or outcome. The reason is our ‘free will’: our free response to what happens as we go through life reaping the consequences of our actions and setting off again after new outcomes all the time. Also, we do not know…. that is, it is not the place of astrology to say or describe…., the strength of the pre-birth energy that enters us in our mother’s womb. We just know that we chose, in this physical existence that is defined by time and place, a family or a beginning that we wanted, or that we were prepared to start with. Mediums, psychics, channels say we very much wanted to live here on Earth. And we came from a place of love.

I often wonder about this motivation. I was told (through a medium/channel) that we love to create, that creativity is very important. That the prime Creator created us and we are a part of this Creator.

Anyway, the authenticity of natal astrology is proven through empirical methods. This is what science often uses: the observation and testing of results. In this way astrologers note our time and place of birth and employ a system that can describe what it means. We make a map of the sky at the time and the place of birth. The time and what’s in the sky is recorded in a book of tables called an Ephemeris, used by astronomers.

Our birth-time captures a moment and it stays the same, it is recorded.

As we grow time moves on and we are then able to see the measurements of the future map in relation to our birth-map. We interpret this also. We can see any time/place in past or future in relation to our birth map and deduce meaning from it.

My life is almost over. I am a well qualified and experienced astrologer with a view of all that has happened in relation to many charts as well as my own chart. So I know what happened to me and why, and I see the consequences.

I am seldom surprised by how lives turn out – sometimes I am surprised. I am mostly surprised by why I personally chose a badly fated time/place to be born and why my son did also. It shows why my good intentions turned out badly for me. I made poor compulsive choices motivated often by a belief that good would prevail – or really just throwing caution to the wind.

Looking at ‘easier’ charts I wish I could have had one. Life goes better if you start with an easy, flowing chart.

I have looked at the charts of channelers/mediums, and while it’s interesting to see these people produce the highest part of who they are, still they cannot exceed who they are, because that requires an understanding which is non-physical and outside of time. We don’t have the words or experience for that.

For myself and others, I can see how long a bad time (or a good time) will last. At present I’ve been having a hard time since 2017. From Feb next year, if I last till then, life will feel better.

As we get older our needs change, yet some things which we want when we’re elderly become almost impossible to have. Planning a little for this time of life from say age 50 (if possible) is therefore a good thing.

The point/question is that while the queen was the perfect person for the job in most important ways, she also was a devoted Christian (belief system, 9th house) and she managed to choose the best man to complement her role, one she loved her whole life. She also had a very supportive family as a child and throughout her life, and she had no money worries. However I’m sure there were many challenges that were special to the role she had to play.

Previous monarchs have not seemed to be so destined for the job, so good at the job for so long. Their destinies were different: Edward VIII for example; the enduring grief of Queen Victoria.

We are each born with 12 or so different markers in certain places and in a special hard or easy relationship with each other. This presents us with the raw materials of our life. The context is something else.

I could not have lived the queen’s sort of life in any way. Nor could she have lived mine. She was who she came to be and then grew into it. Same for each of us: generally, the same applies to each of us in our individual way. Is this called ‘fate’? That we use what we have and see it develop into a result over time? There are many possible results, many crucial decisions, opportunities not taken, people, places and situations by-passed. Which are fated?

One early major mistake I made (like others have made) was in choice of partner. Yet it led to opportunities that took me to places in life I would never have experienced had it not been for that mistake.

More positively, at this late time I am forced into learning how to forgive unconditionally. Also how to allow love and other outcomes to arrive unconditionally. It continues to take time.

I like quick outcomes but I must be patient. This might be a last lesson and I will only know it’s over because this time in life will end.

At least I have a purpose for now.

Check a post here from last year called Star Cross’d Lovers. It points to next year 2023 holding a big change for Harry. You can also see some charts of royal family members.

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