From the point of view of astrology, the tribe is usually seen in the 4th and 10th houses and Cancer and Capricorn – ruled by the moon and Saturn. A politician works and operates from and for the tribe. The context of decision-making is this tribe, this society, the group which requires organisation in order to survive. Religious organisations often support and are supported by society, notably in the west the Anglican church and the Roman Catholic church. Both churches are derived from the teachings of Jesus, although their histories also pre-date Christianity. There are a huge number of sub-divisions of the Anglican church. From the astrological perspective any religious organisation is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the rule-maker which makes boundaries so that we can discern the difference between opposites and know contrasting experience.

Spirituality is another matter. While it is woven into organised religion it also stands apart from it and provides the context for all life in all forms everywhere, including the tribe. Spirituality is the animating force of life in all forms. It is the ultimate context of everything. Here there are no boundaries, no guidelines, just pure positive non-physical energy. This is the realm of Neptune, the 12th house and Pisces.

The first context of Saturn described above is more limited than the second context of Neptune. So it is interesting to compare the charts of Esther and Ann (see previous post) as they both have both contexts at work in their lives in a highly public and visible way. Ann has made it her life’s work to understand and support the tribe and its needs, meaning tangible guidance in order to avoid anarchy. Esther, while making no secret of the fact that she enjoys the fruits of tribal/social life has made it her life’s work to publicize the more invisible context of life which is apparent before birth, during life and after death. There are no rules, no organisation, no Saturn. An invisible seam and an endless stream.

Saturn who creates boundaries and rules can only exist by virtue of Neptune. Some then would say that Neptune represents the higher authority, but if we use the term authority we are back to Saturn and the boundaries of hierarchy. So astrology is a useful art/science for seeing ourselves in a map that includes everything.

Ann has chosen to be loyal to both her God and her society. She likes rules and definitions perhaps because they help her to make sense of something she feels but cannot see. Mercury in her first house is in charge of her belief system. Mercury is also in charge (probably) of Esther’s belief system – we know what they both do is talk a lot, communicate, think. Yet both also have much feeling energy present – water signs are especially invested in the feeling nature: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer. Anything that is touched by the ruler of a water sign also points to ‘feeling’ rather than ‘thinking’. They are alike in this regard but have chosen different paths, different games.

Ann has been responsible for voting to support or not to support various issues affecting society and as a responsible person and politician who likes to play by the rules she has to take many things into consideration, many sub-divisions of sub-divisions and examine them all from everyone’s point of view (ideally). Yet it is possible that she is more aware than most of the liminal and numinous areas of life. Her sun conjunct Neptune in the 12th house would suggest this, suggesting also that she realises tribal life is only tribal life yet that it has its own integral set of rules requiring energetic participation, like any good game. Esther and Ann have the three heavy-duty planets in Leo which is about play, love, games, joy, and both have this energy on public display in the house of high visibility, the 10th house.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, (asexual) Transgender, Queer and Spiritual: some want definitions in the context of society – which has evolved out of nothing – to show us who we are. But only in the context of a society?

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