The Power of Belief

Most of us know that a belief system is a very strong dynamic in our lives. It is built in line with our experiences and what we make of them. It is organic: it grows and develops and blossoms and wanes. For some their beliefs are strong and steadfast, for others they seem to change with the wind. In yesterday’s post I touched on Esther’s belief system as it seemed to be relevant to the post topic but it also offered readers a way of locating the easy equation of Jupiter and 9th house in the birth chart to objectify how they are disposed to view their passage through life.

Esther offers herself up as an example and we pay her a handsome sum for the privilege. So let’s take it a bit further. Everybody’s 9th house has a sign on the cusp and that sign signifies a way we see the world in terms of Jupiter-matters which are about beliefs, systems of beliefs, knowledge, philosophy, learning, education, the law. The 9th house and Jupiter (its natural ruler) represent the higher mind, or the higher self. It can point all the way to the toppermost place we can imagine into life which is God or gods which are the highest authority. But this fact of the function of Jupiter and the 9th house, and Sagittarius is all modified by what sign and planets we have in the 9th and what aspects they make with other indicators; where is Sagittarius in the circle and where is Jupiter according to sign and house.

This is why and how we see that we all have different belief systems. It is not the simple matter of, as Esther repeats parrot-fashion that a belief is just a thought we keep thinking but it is rather many thoughts that have been thought and re-thought and which morph into current thoughts. This is why the term belief-system is more fitting than just belief singular. *

But Esther is immediately forgiven for her error of judgement (Jupiter rules judgements as well) because she has Gemini on the cusp of the 9th house, and Gemini along with Mercury, its ruler, are responsible for the lower mind which is where we might have the small idea that a belief is just a thought you keep thinking – a thought which is reductive in its energy. The lower mind deals with everyday sort of communications.

Delving into how Esther ‘works’ as a human being, we see that communication at its simplest form of just talk rather than more complex philosophical thought which involves the weaving together of ideas and examples born of theory is what gives Esther’s life meaning. She likes to chat with people. She is a people-person with Libra rising and Venus, the chart-ruler, on the Descendant in Aries offering confirmation.

Looking further we see not only a very well-placed Mercury in Aquarius trine Uranus in Gemini, but also a very well-placed Jupiter large and steady in its own sign where it works well for its own purposes which are usually all about more, more, more and still more of whatever its host wants. Sagittarius is a sign of inflation and expansion; it is about joy and happiness. It is the antithesis of Capricorn and Saturn which are about barriers and boxes and boundaries. The placement of Esther’s giant Jupiter in her 2nd house of possessions and self esteem, self-identity, what she owns (and more) explains why she is okay with, why she accepts the idea of being, the mouthpiece for God, for the stream of Source Energy, and the one responsible for translating all that comes to mind at the time she is working at one of Jupiter’s favourite roles, the preacher/teacher. And why she is also okay with accepting large payments from every person who listens to her and also why she absolutely PROHIBITS the reproduction of her material in any way as this feels to her like identity-theft.

How interesting that we can examine the individual dynamics of a person’s belief system in this way: where is Jupiter, what is on the cusp of the ninth house and is there anything in the 9th house and what is Sagittarius doing. Very few people if any will have the same combination of factors within this little string of abstract DNA.

I have Pisces on the cusp of the 9th house, Jupiter in Taurus in the 10th and Sagittarius is host to Mercury and Venus in the 5th. A quite different set of beliefs will be uncovered. You just have to learn the language which would be easy for Esther, but I think she is not tuned into this at all.

It is my belief that each one of us channels Source energy all the time but that it is closed off to the extent that we do not let it in, and this is a belief that I have heard Esther approach. Why and how we would not let Source energy in is a question to be answered after analysis of the whole of our birth map.

The Emperor’s New Clothes, a story that came to mind after seeing Esther recently transition from stage to office presentation, is a tale by Hans Christian Andersen about courtly pride and intellectual vanity. Another story that has to be in there somewhere for Esther is the story of Icarus who flew too close to the sun, fell into the sea and drowned. This is the presence in Esther’s chart of the 3 very strong energies in Leo, which is ruled by the sun (don’t forget Esther’s job is about Source energy = sun = God) in the public 10th house, coupled with her own sun in Pisces in the 5th house which has a vibration in common with Leo. So much in her chart is too big, too much: wants more, more, and more. There is an enormous feeling of entitlement and worthiness (…which in some sense comes from her mother).

All of this helps me understand why anyone would take on a role like the one Esther plays non-stop, so that I can see it all in perspective. Really it is the moon which helps Esther to normalise her tendencies towards excesses of all kinds because it is earthy. But we have to also notice the meaning of Chiron in Scorpio in the first house as a warning of consequences for outcomes.

Because Chiron is in the first house its messages should be plain to see as the first house demonstrates persona and character. It will be the shadow side of Scorpio which might prevail during and after this current Pluto transit, although we hope that the more positive traits will emerge by the end of the long passage. These include a greater depth of understanding and meaning, the presence of compassion and less descent into excess, and transformation from the symbolic Scorpion or Eagle into Dove. Esther might already see herself as the dove, but it cannot be present while there is a dependence on physical possessions, wealth and ownership, all of which keep us tied down.

* It would be safe to say that a belief is NOT just a thought you keep thinking….

To be continued….


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