Chapter One

Arthur, Guides and Spirits in General

This is the beginning. Would there be a reply or not? Would it just be imagination? An alter-ego? The first question was set out on paper in a quiet room and, Jean its author waited, and waited…………..

I say Jean was the author, but in truth she was quite uninterested in the process, a little fearful, so I had encouraged her in the composition of the questions.

Eventually after about 20 minutes, the reply came, the mind filled with ready-made thoughts and a pressing need to find the right words to express them.

What am I most fearful of?

Seeing yourself as you imagine you are – at root.

Why am I just as afraid I’ll be discovered worthy as unworthy?

Because you will be forced to behave differently. There will be pressures to find new challenges, believe in the outcome, believe you have strength, courage, intelligence and integrity.

How can I find a good faith in myself which will lead to becoming braver, willing to try something new?

Ask Gill and listen to her answer.

How can I find that something new which results in a better self-image and courage to try it?

Imagine yourself as an independent person who has opinions. Start by choosing people you know and identify some of their opinions you disagree with -–tell them.

Please tell me if you are a separate entity or a buried part of myself.


Do you have a name?


Are you male or female?



Always either – not important.

Are you a part of past lives and does that have to do with the connection Gill and I have?

Of course I am part of what you call past lives. But the past is timeless. Out of that timelessness an intense bond developed between you and Gill. In itself it is good, but needs to be more elastic.

What does that mean?

You need to pull further apart – to develop your separate selves which are still close in love.

Thank you for the help you have offered. Is there a way I can facilitate answers. Your answer seems to come a long time after a question is asked. Am I blocking prompt receipt?

You are welcome for help perceived. Be patient and very calm. Try not so much to be open as to be a ‘tabla rasa’. This is a proper time to be as blank as possible.

I’d like to ask if you had a name in your last incarnation? It is so much easier for us to address you by name.

I have not said I was ever incarnated in body. However, for ease in dialogue you may call me Henry since you reject Arthur.

Wait, are you the Arthur, the guide I was once directed to?

I am that entity.

Why couldn’t I reach you then?

You were too concerned with trying to do what you did not understand. You received too many ideas and directions at once which you could not assimilate. And you wanted a kind of ‘living up’ to what you thought was expected – not real help from a familiar and trusted guide. In fact you wanted a father-figure who would take on your concerns.

Is that why you disappeared?

I remained always with you, but had to wait for you to be ready to hear me.

I’m still very sceptical. How then am I ready?

Being sceptical, if it means questioning what you learn and choosing to reject what you personally do not believe, is becoming ready to hear.

Thank you again for your help in answering my questions and for revealing yourself as Arthur. I will use that name now. I’ve had such a difficult night doubting your reality and this process of communication.

You are really afraid that you will be responsible for losing a valuable contact and deeply fear the guilt – relax – you’ll get used to it.

Can you help? For instance, do you have access to my memories – could you mention one I’ve forgotten, to indicate you are really there?

I have told you help is always available and you can block any memories you want to, but how about Ann Tilton – 2 school terms on Genesseo Rd.

Thank you – I do now remember her, I’d forgotten her name. I hope she profited from that time away from her family. She was so disturbed – a total stranger in our home. I can actually picture her now – I remember the time she came, but you have filled in a lot of missing memories.

Does Gill have a guide with a name so she can contact him as I do you?

You chose a name for me – you asked if I was separate or a part of you and my answer was ‘both’. Gill has the same situation as you. However, she knows it is much harder for her to locate in herself the conditions to reach her guide. She usually tries too hard. To be a blank page is to give in completely – and wait and wait – expecting neither positively or negatively. It is because you two are one that I can offer advice. You have succeeded with me because you finally gave in and began to try at Gill’s suggestion utterly blankly to make contact.

Why did this channelling experience happen to me? Why now? And what do I do with it?

You have, far more than you can know, longed for a real connection with ‘God’. That longing has been deeply suppressed by doubts, but never quite lost. Channelling is a method of reaching the Spirit-God within you and you have slowly acceded to attempting it after reading channelled work and encountering a trance medium and finally acting on Gill’s suggestion. Now is simply because you are ready, the resistance to try is broken and it no longer seems so implausible.

What you do with it depends on how steadily you stay with it. It will take considerable time before you will know what it means for you in the long term. It will benefit you most by finding your faith in the God-Spirit and then your faith in yourself.

Arthur, may I have some clarification on answers you have given to earlier questions. First, will you tell me more about yourself? Are you concerned only with Gill and me or are there others? How are you as energy, seeking expression?

As I am part of a limitless body of energy, there are many others in my orbit but I can, and do, focus on those who reach out to a focused being.

What else do you do other than address individuals?

Act in concert with other energies to maintain the entire universe.

Were you ever incarnated in body?

Only in the sense I am part of you and others.

Is that the answer to how you ‘seek expression’?

All the above answer your question.

When we are making daily choices to make our future the best we could hope for, will you guide us?

Yes, I will help you to know if your decisions are sound. Ask me. You do not receive word for word my messages, but must use your own language as best you can to communicate the meaning of what you receive. Do not worry that the basic meaning will be lost. When there is a question, ask to clarify it.

I would like to be able to do this as well as I can, Arthur, so that I am not interfering with what you might be saying. Is it just a question of practising?

It will take some time before you can be so at ease that nothing will be missed. Practise will help, but there will be days when you are more or less available to my ideas. They will come again in another form if necessary on the occasions you miss something.

How would you recommend that Gill begin practising if she is to establish a link as well?

Meditation is always an excellent way to prepare the mind to be a clean slate. This is the first requirement. Gill’s mind is so engaged in the effort to find meaning, that every little distraction in her thoughts makes it difficult to accept one idea without instant challenge. Each needs time to generate. Then, as she has already tried, sit with a question and wait for an answer.

If God is everywhere and in everything, then we are all part of God; I understand something about how we on Earth form our own identities, but how do you, in spirit, form your identity?

Our identities do not have form or name as yours do. We have an immediate sense of each other. As we associate with one area or person long enough we do take on some of that character’s qualities as well. You are and we are a part of God.

This leads to a question about the identity of the different entities we know about who are channelled through human hosts. Is it each individual ‘host’ who establishes the identity of the spirit, rather than each spirit having its own identity?

It is rather like magnetic attraction. There are tremendous attractions for an entity to communicate with a ‘host’ as you put it, which he recognises as having ability to respond to him. He anticipates the best way for the ‘host’ to know him and may then provide a name. Other times the ‘host’ names him as you have me.

Are you, Arthur, linked in some way with Seth? With White Eagle? With Bartholomew? With the spirit who speaks in ‘A Course in Miracles?’

We are all one united spirit which can differentiate into separation according to the need to identify (your word) with those who speak for us.

Please will you tell us a little about Maitreya as described by Benjamin Crème. Why is it necessary for the world to know about him so long before his arrival? What is it that is holding up his emergence into the world – when will the world be ready to receive him? Is it as yet undecided? Are the miracles associated with him ‘real’?

This spirit has chosen this method – what seems a long period of revelations – to waken recognition of other dimensions than the world of matter. He wants people to expect good of his coming with increasing eagerness. He has chosen to wait to emerge to reach more people and enhance this anticipation. His miracles are real to any who perceive them. As his role is primarily that of a teacher, he will decide when to come as he knows the world’s readiness for his message. He is one of many such teachers.

Are there old/young – experienced/less experienced spirit-guides in your world – a system of hierarchy?

It is not a pyramid of power, but there are spirits who are more effective at one time, and others in another situation. They will defer to, and recognise the greater energy.

If we create our reality are you, Arthur, part of that creation rather than an absolute reality?

You do create yourselves in your reality. You create me too, in trying to understand what part of you I am. But I am also an independent spirit entity. All That Is gave this creative ability to his creatures to make reality from Earth’s matter. To the extent you make me real, I am as solid as rock.

Is there a ‘guiding principle’ to help us understand better the world of spirit? How does a spirit ‘gravitate’ towards what it needs?

Just remember we are not unlike your own incarnated spirit. Every individual at birth has already those qualities which will define his character through life. This collection of traits attracts a spirit who has experienced similar incarnations and the spirit thereby gravitates towards this individual. This increases the spirit’s energy level.

As we understand it, after this physical world there is just infinite spiritual life. You mentioned the ‘‘Great Spirit’’ the Creator – this is God. When we pray, we pray to God but is the prayer intercepted by our guide (you) or our guardian angel? Is there a difference or are you the same thing?

However you address ‘God’ – call him Arthur, Buddha, Jesus. Your choice – the prayer will be heard by ‘God’. Nevertheless, your personal guide will be the agent to activate the answer. Your Guardian Angel is one of the ‘free’ spirits not a part of an incarnate. He may guard many but is still ‘yours’. And he is also God – as are all spirits.

Do you experience any emotional reaction, or any reaction at all, to my life-experiences?

Your word, ‘emotion’ means ‘out of or from motion’ which, as earlier described, is what an energy being is. My response is more an increase or decrease of action – something like your pleasure or displeasure reaction to experience.

You say that spirits remain in touch with Earth when they have been a part of it, yet you said (I think) that you have not been incarnated on Earth. So how are we (you, and me and Gill) attracted to each other?

You and Gill have repeatedly been together in incarnation. This has strengthened the union you have. I have been in body but it is in the ‘spirit world’ that I have been attracted first to you, before Gill was a part of the union, and afterwards, when you reached out for guidance it includes her spirit. Earth energies are very attractive to us – and close pairs especially.

Can you tell us about Gill’s ‘guide(s)’? Does he/she have a name? Is there a message(s) for her from him? Do you work together? Is there anyone there with an interest in Gill who understands the principles of astrology?

Gill has had different guides through the ages. Now there is one who would like to communicate with Gill. He has no name but would like her to try to ‘hear’ him. She can name him if she wishes. We do not work together as you mean it but may give energy to the same person on occasion. We also grasp the principles of whatever your interests are (astrology, music composition) when we are called upon to do so.

It is frustrating to find we have this wonderful gift of a friend in the spirit world who wishes to help us, but that we cannot find the right questions to get us out of our bind, Gill in particular. Could you perform for us a small miracle to make life for Gill ‘go right’; for example, bring someone or some others into her life who will help give her a way to ‘do’ something, to act positively? Is this within the scope of your powers?

It is not in my power to make life ‘go right’ for Gill or anyone. It is my prerogative to provide strength to work with what comes to be faced. But the individual must make the first effort, in this case to expose herself to places where she can speak to others. At that point I may be able, or better, her own guiding spirit to whom she ‘prays’, to influence a helping person. Even then she must be alert to recognise him as it is not immediately obvious that this is what she is looking for.

You said ‘the judgement has been that Gill would solve her own problems’ – whose judgement was that and why?

Her spirit guide observed that she had the desire and ability, aided by him, to tackle her own problems. She believed correctly that it would aid her growth and she might discover reasons for them (the problems). She felt that if she understood the meaning of them, the answers would be clear.

Where did the idea of explanation for expression/creativity come from that came in Gill’s sleep last night: her guide perhaps, or her unconscious self?

Do not forget that your guide is a buried part of yourself, but also a separate entity – she was ‘hearing’ her guide.

Have I had different guides through the ages, as Gill has? Why do changes take place in this respect?

Yes, not so many. As the incarnate makes use of its new growth, it may require more or different approaches by spirit guides to go on to a new stage of development.

Gill would very much like to hear her guide and make contact with him. Please can you say more about how she might do this effectively?

Having a regular time to sit quietly and expectantly in meditation is one way. She has already heard him in her sleep. As you know, spirits help you assimilate ideas from your daily experience in dreams. She should ask him to help her understand the meaning of dreams and be open to what pops into her mind rather than reading books on symbolisation (will that word do?). Also – when she exerts herself in physical exercise and is then tired in body and after bathing are other good times to listen for him.

Is there anyone amongst our friends and relatives who would benefit from knowing that we have made this contact with you?

Not now. It would turn them completely away.

When Gill tried writing a question to her guide was anything that she received at that time her guide’s response?

In the sense that her answers came from deep within her where her guide was inspiring her to begin contact. She should read the text to see if she can recognise what came from him. This is part of ‘hearing’ what HE says. She must judge for herself. She is so eager to reach him that she is likely to override what she ‘hears’ in favour of what she wants to hear.

An astrology question: what is it in our birth-charts at present that symbolically reveals this wonderful new communication with you in the spirit world?

I cannot answer such specific questions. The meaning of your work in astrology depends on your own deep-felt intuition. It is an art to ferret out what the symbols mean. Ask your guide to help you. He can inspire your answers.

What time to the minute were each of us born?

The above answer applies here.

Why has Gill had a sort of cold these last few nights? Is it connected with trying too hard (or not hard enough) to contact her guide?

The sneezing has been a physical manifestation of clearing Gill’s mind. She is trying to do this most successfully at night in order to make that contact. Again, keep calm and gently expectant to arrive at the blank slate, or more properly for her, quiet the noise of her mind so she can better hear him.

When exactly were you in body and what was the relationship between us?

I do not wish to reveal that information.

This morning I was sure it was wrong for me to channel, assuming either I’m inventing it all somehow or, what I experience in ‘clouds of thought’ I then misrepresent. But at the church, meditating on it and calling on you, I felt that doubt immediately diffused. Can I count on that as confirmation I should carry on, that you really spoke to me there?

I cannot force you to accept this reality. You are clinging stubbornly to doubts in spite of breaking through. They seem a much safer way to go, but you have persisted. Stay with the effort and you will finally succeed in the faith you want and need and I will help.

How can I learn to put activities other than channelling in perspective and prioritise them? I feel guilty that I should be doing or thinking about more serious matters all the time.

You live in the world on purpose. You are the one grading your thoughts and actions as serious. This is the wrong way to evaluate them. You know how much time you have in a day. When you choose to do the dishes, give it your full energy then move on. Do the same with each activity including rest periods. At the moment each one should be recognised as ‘serious’ and be worth your full attention. If you choose to neglect something you had to do, let it go – you need practise in making decisions in the simplest matters as well as the big ones.

What ‘qualifies’ a spirit to become a guide?

All spirits can become guides by connection with the immense body of energy of which we are a part and are ‘qualified’ by their access to whole knowledge of the created Earth. We are speaking of Earth here.

This seems to say that upon entering the non-physical, spiritual dimension we are able to ‘know’ everything we did not know on Earth. Is that right? If that knowledge is available to us, what is the incentive for re-incarnation.

Knowing about something is not the same as experiencing it for yourself. A person blind to colour can learn a tomato is green or red. It means nothing that a sighted person will experience on seeing it. The spirits want to ‘see’ when attracted to earth energies or any others in the universe.

What is our Guardian Angel guarding us from and why do we need guarding if God’s love is always present? Or is it present in the form of the Guardian Angel?

The Guardian Angels are ‘free spirits’ which are like all spirits, a part of God; hence God’s love. They watch over us and influence us to think before we act. They help us avoid errors in judgement but cannot override our own will. When synchronicity benefits us it is the result of this ‘love’. It is to strengthen our own energy that is their purpose – to help ourselves.

Please will you tell me some more about the ‘many other spirit sources of positivity’ that surround me?

You recall that spirits are the energy of creation. All of their input is positive toward humans, therefore, as we have said, there is one spirit with each human, but he has access to the many. If you define ‘love’ as positivity, then there are many other spirit sources surrounding each person.

Arthur, who was the ‘ghostly presence’ I saw last night? What does it mean?

You really are desperate to come to terms with the spiritual awakening which is trying to evolve in you. The figure you saw is a visualisation of me, Arthur, in the most ordinary appearance you can muster. You have set the manifestation in the period when there was so much hope in your life, when Ken was a new part of it, and a secure vision of God’s omnipresence kept you stable and joyful. Use it if you can create that feeling now and finally believe in me, in you and God again. Those energies are still available.

Does Gill’s guide accept the name, ‘Will’?

Gill’s guide accepts the name, ‘Will’. He suggests she is still trying too hard to meet him. In addition to quiet times she sets aside for meditation, she might try talking to him anytime as if she has a friend or neighbour who likes to chat. Because it is so important to her, she loses confidence when not successful. I suggest being more casual to ease that stress.

Is it a special effort for you to ‘connect’ with me, Arthur – as it is for me to make my contact with you? Or have you always been communicating with me and I just didn’t realise it?

You simply have not been able to receive specific messages from me until you accept the concept of a spirit guide. I have tried to get your attention in dreams, especially day-dreaming. You sometimes responded with wonder at ideas or events you didn’t imagine were your own, but never connected them with spiritual help. Yes, I’ve been with you and making efforts to communicate whenever it seemed possible.

I felt that I missed an important word when we last spoke?

The words you used expressed the meaning accurately. It is good for you to seek in your channelling the most exact way you can to choose from the ideas with which your mind is being filled. Don’t worry about a word you forget or feel could have been better. You are a learner. Continue to be patient in finding the meaning – that is what matters.

You say that Guides ‘come and go throughout human lives’ – do you know if/when you will leave us? (Please don’t leave us!)

I will not be beyond contact with you. The comings and goings are in the spirit dimension of no time or space. It will not affect your understanding of my presence as a part of you. As a separate entity I can be away as well as with you.

Is the information you give us, Arthur, limited by my capacity to understand, interpret and express?

Yes, I can only use the intelligence you offer. Your vocabulary is often a problem. Your words are weak means of communication but is what we are here to work with. Nevertheless, you usually get the basic meaning even if it is sometimes clumsy in expression. When it is unclear, just try again.

Will you confirm that I have represented your answers accurately?

The answers are basically correct.

Diana said that her guide, Thomas left her for a number of years – which is why we asked if you would leave. Did she leave him then, rather than he left her?

Diana’s guide only left in the sense that the usual verbal communication was not needed by her at that time. He was aware of her new interests and that she did in effect have him. He could have been contacted again if she had really needed his guidance. His return signified recognising she needed his help during this period of preparation for the enormous spirit activity we’ve been discussing.

It’s interesting that the closing chapter of Gill’s book Mind The Gap is in support of channelled works; might this book serve any further purpose?

Preparing you for the possibility of accepting channelling is already a further purpose of the book. It may lead to further writing or it may in its present existence spark someone else’s understanding. Andrew may read more about channelling and finding his interest aroused read yet more about other ideas put forth in the book. It would broaden his spiritual perspective. Who knows what the next moment brings?

I felt that I couldn’t properly sort out the words of your answer, and then we lost contact. Arthur, why did we lose contact last night?

You had been deeply stirred by the movie about the south (USA). It was still echoing emotionally, so the whole evening you were dimly aware that our connection was less complete. When you started to answer question 8 (above), it was acceptable, but your own words were beginning to intrude and broke the psychic contact. I’ve already suggested there would be times when your physical experience will affect us in this way. It will pass.

Do discarnate entities ‘feel’, have emotive responses? If not, how do they express love?

Love in the spirit world is simply expressed differently though it has the same meaning. It is difficult to explain because you know nothing comparable. As we are energy moving, we are attracted by similar vibrations. The nearest I can explain it is to say we share some of our energy with other entities just as we do with you and this is our form of ‘feeling’, of love.

As I understand it, the development of psychic awareness has to do with reaching out through time and space to connect with people or events that in the physical world are separated by time and space. How is it I can connect with you, Arthur, when I am apparently lacking in awareness and often unconnected with my own consciousness?

In your case, psychic awareness is clearly not required by the experience of contacting me. In fact, the weakness of consciousness is an advantage when you try to formulate sentences about information from my answers to your questions. You have few preconceived ideas of what to expect and are virtually unable to overshadow my words with your own. This is a two-way street. I ‘waken’ you when you present yourself to me so that in this conscious state, you ‘hear’ me. Others attempting contact with spirit entities may be well developed in psychic awareness, still, they will need to practise releasing mind to spirit – presenting the tabla rasa in order to complete the connection.

Please could you explain the difference between the parts of me that are a) you, and b) my higher consciousness?

Your higher consciousness is indeed your soul, that spirit which has chosen physical experience. It does not leave the body until death. I am a spirit guide choosing to join with you, but free to be equally associated with other spirits for shared energy ‘out of your world’.

Did you say something last night about the idea of inspiration during composing music? I think I missed something.

We were talking about trying too hard to find your faith. What you did not note is that, like channelling, composition is similarly demanding. You need to be rested and free from distraction – a sort of meditative state to receive inspiration – not try too hard.

Gill lives in her mind a lot, and she is grounded; if this was the condition which helped Jane Roberts, might she eventually be able to bring through Will?

These characteristics helped Jane as they will help Gill. But she had one more unusual condition. From very early she learned an altered state of consciousness which eventually became a trance state in which Seth could speak. At the moment Gill occasionally contacts Will in dreams or he puts an idea in her conscious mind. Gill speaks of bringing him through. If she means clearing away her thoughts so he will not be impeded, she will succeed. He comes to her: she must be open to receive him.

In relation to the notes I was reviewing this morning of my consultation with Magda in 1995, will you confirm that you were in contact with her at that time and that what she reported was accurate? Were you really a court jester?

She was in contact with me through her guide. She creates her impressions of that contact visually. She was accurate in her observations. I have been many personalities and one was a jester.

If yes to the above, it was said at that time that “ I will know what life is all about”. Is now the time you were referring to, learning about it now through you, Arthur? If so, how did you know at that time that this would occur at this time? (Given what you have said before about so many probabilities.)

This referred to the fact that you have been learning through so many transformations (incarnations) “you will know what life is all about”. Whatever probabilities materialised, you learned from them and still learn.

Also, she saw me in ‘clouds of love’: would you comment on this?

This is her visualisation of a field of positive energy emanating from certain spirit forces directing it to you. You would be well advised to acknowledge it. There is still a lot of that concentrated, loving energy available, but weakened when not embraced.

She also mentioned that I’d had strong connections with the Catholic Church and that Carol and I came together at the time of the Inquisition and she sent me to the rack. Is this background, as well as with my life with fundamentalist parents, related to my current struggle with finding faith?

Your profound sense of God was nearly shattered after several of these experiences particularly with representatives of the organised Christian church. That early sense of God came from a period of life with a native American Indian. You had been raised within a tribe when you were found abandoned. Your natural parents had disappeared. In that setting your belief was established by a very wise old man. You were trained to be a healer. Deep within you, you still remember that knowing of God, but you have a heavy overlap of subsequent misgivings due to the abuse you suffered in later incarnations.

With increasing numbers of people contacting their spirit guides (so I understand), is this the result of efforts by people and spirit to bring the Earth into spiritual/material balance? Will it increase further?

It is one of the outcomes of humans longing toward peaceful, constructive and balanced, earthly life. The spirits are already energised to support and guide them toward an understanding which results in spiritual/material equilibrium. There is still little general acceptance of the public for such activity, but those who are participating are sincere. The probability is an increase in numbers and effectiveness.

Magda said that I was a very old soul and used to live in Atlantis – is this right? She told Gill that she saw 3 of us: Gill, myself, and a third spirit, a past relative of Gill and that I was the grounding influence (!) – is this right? If so, who is the third member of our triangle?

You did live in Atlantis. The trio you referred to has disbanded. It once included Gill’s great-grandmother on her mother’s side. I would have called it a balancing influence rather than grounding for your part in it.

Was the ‘wise old man’, the native American Indian you mentioned anyone we know now?


Why did Magda describe you as ‘second to none’ – was it a joke? (no offence intended!)

She was impressed by the intensity of my energy at that time.

She said it was unusual that as you entered my ‘jagged’ aura, you smoothed it. This sounds like a positive action. Please will you explain how this is unusual? It sounds as though we have been together for a very, very long time, Arthur?

Guiding spirits do not act in this way ordinarily. It was inspired by your openness to this experience with Magda and chose to facilitate your understanding and acceptance of what she said. This was one of those encounters which were leading you toward contact with spirit and you needed to be whole. We have been together over and again – in your terms a long, long time.

Magda also referred to our past life in Tennessee during a time of war and saw herself involved at this time but had to stop giving information as her guide saw it was making her sick to recall something: can you tell us more about this episode?

I can’t tell you about it. It was very private to Magda.

In reference to some channelling that our friend did in 1997, (see attached: ‘a’.) is this her guide speaking? Is it Thomas Aquinas, as she thought? When she channels, is it always her own guide speaking, or does she make contact with other entities? Why does Gill feel sceptical about her channelling?

Last part of the question first. Your friend is really trying too hard so her first efforts at contact were a bit theatrical and she was distracted from sincerity by the presence of others. Potentially it could help to have a communal positive energy from the circle, but when you were present this was very fragmented as she could not keep from observing her effect on those present. Her guide did address her, but she invented ‘Thomas Aquinas’ as you named me ‘Arthur’. She is most successful in contact with her guide during healing sessions and has had contact with other spirits in those sessions as well. She also is prone to imagine – to visualise these helpers when she is aware of them. They then tend to lose energy and fade away into what you might call spiritual unreality.

Have either Gill or I known Diana in a past life? Have you known Diana in a previous life, Arthur?

Neither you nor Gill knew Diana in a past life. I was aware of her in spirit – discarnately.

Can you say what caused Gill’s great-grandmother to withdraw from the trio?

The impetus for the formation of this group dissipated. There was too large a discrepancy of spirit to Earth energies.

Do you or do discarnate entities, ever miss or look forward to an aspect of earthly life like a good meal or a pint of beer, or whatever? Or can you/they revisit those moments?

Not in the discarnate state. When returned to the physical, we certainly enjoy many aspects of earthly life. If we’ve participated on Earth this way often enough, we remember what pleasures mean on Earth even in spirit, but these memories do not invoke nostalgia. It is from your human nature that you ask this question. Thank you for this gesture.

Please would you comment on the following which came from Magda’s friends re ‘John Hawkins’:

(a) She thought Jean had been married to him in Salem and once he had been an American Indian. In fact she thought he might have killed her as an Indian or mistreated her for dissuading him from witch-hunting and was now trying to atone. She said to ‘ask her guide.’

(b) She said that guides actually reincarnate sometimes to remember what it is like to be human. She also said that our higher consciousness is elsewhere, also that parts of our soul could be elsewhere – sometimes we have overlapping incarnations.

(c) She also told us that she saw us together in a past life in a very cold place and we were killed by wild dogs. If this is right, was it an ‘accident’?

  1. She was picking up on some very negative vibrations, but was simply mistaken about the stories about John Hawkins.

  2. The problem here is terminology. Yes, guides reincarnate to remember human ways so they are prepared to help. We already identified ‘soul’ as that spirit which stays with the body until death. Higher consciousness may refer to guides which are a true part of the host, as I am with you, but may be free to come and go. Yes, there are overlapping incarnations. In a manner of speaking all of them overlap in spirits’ timeless dimension.

  3. The dogs weren’t wild. They were huskies pulling a sled of provisions. You were all dropped in a crevasse. Yes, an accident. None survived.

When I was in Magda’s circle I had a powerful psychic experience of a tremendous light and then being on a beach, a cove, with round pebbles and the moon and then a strange creature with pseudopodia. Was this in any way meaningful?

This was an event which demonstrated to you your psychic potential. You never questioned the reality of the experience, but it did not awaken the desire to pursue it further. You are a slow learner.

On re-reading the notes of what Magda said from 8 years ago, it feels for Gill as though she is still in the same ‘desperate’ condition. Could this be one reason why we are receiving so much help from you at this time, Arthur?

It is one reason why I am offering so much attention to your requests. I am glad you find it helpful. You are both really in need.

Where were the ‘very negative vibrations’ coming from that Magda’s friend was picking up when we were talking about ‘John Hawkins’.

When she expressed her image of the ‘John Hawkins’ stories, she was actually reacting to something that occurred in Bosham – a local event also relating to ‘witch-hunting’ and violence. The name ‘John Hawkins’, does not relate to anyone you have ever known. He was a companion-in-arms of a relative who fought in the civil war. For your information, the sixth person of the group Magda claimed was responsible for the cloud of love, was Fred Ward.

To clear up ‘John Hawkins’ place in your mind – this name was an invention of yours when you were trying too hard to find a name for your guide. You had been told this was your first task. You could not resist presenting something even though you suspected it wasn’t ‘right’. Naturally you picked ‘John’, your father’s name and ‘Hawkins’, your aunt’s married name, came to complete it. There was a John Hawkins, as noted, but of no importance to you.

Do my crystals possess a special energy that helps in spiritual work?

These two crystals do radiate special vibrations that help you prepare your mind for opening. These are particular to you. With the candle, a bit of ritual establishes the shift of attention needed to begin our sessions.

How is it that I attracted ‘clouds of love’? What is the background to this gift? Gill feels lacking in the ‘clouds of love’ department, especially as she has so much rescuing to do.

You did nothing to attract the ‘clouds of love’. Magda was impressed by the numbers of spirits projecting positive energy. You were perceived as especially needing that help. The particular spirits had been strong supports in the physical world so they were still attracted to help and call on others, too.

That spirit energy is available to Gill, but she must have faith that the strong energy she has known, the strong forward impulses likewise come from that source. She has lost faith in that response to her need. Now she is in need of faith as you are. She can recover. Keep asking for help.

How is it that some people attract more spirit energy than others? Is it a case of inequality or is it because some people need it more than others? If so, why?

The above answers this in part. When contained in Earth’s weightiness, sometimes spirits lose their way. They then attract spirits which have had similar physical experience. They still wait for an appeal for aid, but are anxious to hear it.

Has every person always been connected with a spirit guide? How did this relationship originate.  

As spirits spread out into the created universe, there were many who chose Earth’s domain. When enough experience had developed in these spirits, they were drawn to individuals whom they felt could be guided. The very earliest of mankind made more direct connection with the spirits of all natural substances and life-forms. By the time of the creation you call modern man, there were guides for everyone, but often they changed places as needs were varied in the persons guided. And some guides had different experience-energy to offer.

When you spoke of Diana, why did you say ‘the one you call, Diana’? Is there another way of naming her or another name she possesses? Is there an implication here that she is known by other names?

You remember I told you that in spirit we do not use names or forms. We have an immediate recognition of each other. As it was in spirit I knew of her, I used the explanation you use (her name) to identify a person.

Did Jesus have a spirit guide? Was he so strongly aware of his guide’s presence that it caused him to feel his direct link (and everyone else’s) with God?

The ‘Holy Spirit’ was Jesus’ guide. All those who became masters had this knowledge of direct connection with the great God-spirit and a similar experience of the ‘Holy Spirit’ which is a manifestation of the ultimate creative energy.

Why did you not tell us in your first answer all that you knew surrounding Patricia’s reaction to our gift?

You so wanted an answer that you interfered hoping one would come if it were postponed. What I said (you didn’t heed) was Patricia has a right to privacy in this matter. I will not intrude. So last night you asked again and again interfered to the extent that most of what you wrote you invented. This won’t do if you are to trust me. If you cannot be sure you are ready for me, don’t write at all.

Arthur, please will you say if I have interfered with any other answers?

No, you are sometimes clumsy in choice of phrase, but not inventive from your own thoughts.

You have asked if these answers are correct; they are, but I recommend a break here as you are very foggy this evening. It would be a temptation to be creative if you are deaf to my words or if I cease talking. Stop worrying about your ‘mistake’. Learn from it.

In relation to what you said about Jesus’ connection with the ‘Holy Spirit’, does this differ from our experience of a connection with you, Arthur, in as much as a Master has no doubts or questions or need for help, instead he has pure faith?

Jesus’ connection with the Holy spirit is one of shared God-Spirit. He received constant energy without requesting it because he knew it was there. He could then manipulate matter in perfect faith, water would become wine, or a supplicant be healed. Your relation with me is very faintly similar. Your faith is so weak it disappears regularly, but it is an ideal to aim for.

I asked before if I had misrepresented any other answers, I was wondering about any since we began?

You needn’t worry about early answers to your questions. As noted above, you are currently distracted even in the semi-trance you achieve. It is easy for you to make a mistake of intended meaning now, but that will pass quickly as the healing is going well. You could be more aware of the organisation of the language you use. If after some meditative moments you are unsure, just cross it out. You can ask another time.

Why did I choose to name you ‘Arthur’, Arthur?

When you were just learning about spirit guides you were advised to learn my name. After several false starts, you gave up thinking about it. But just before you fell asleep one night in a state of blankness you recognise now, you heard the name ‘Arthur’ several times. You decided it was my name as you need a way to address me. It was my own suggestion. It has no other special meaning. You do respond to its tones.

Was it me or you, Arthur, who came up with the idea of Linde for Gill? (She has not returned our call so far.)

It was your idea, but I allowed it to stand. However, it is true Gill would find it hard to be patient enough for the healing. Her idea that you go is a good one. If Linde gets back to you, you will know it is worth seeking her out.

You told us that Carole needed lots of energy from others before she felt she could give any back. This is a spiritual transaction, isn’t it? Why is it not reasonable to ask about other transactions with other souls we know? (This is in response to the question about Diana’s ‘spiritual transactions’.)

This had to do with a specific interaction between Carole and Gill – explaining why Gill had such an extreme reaction to being with her friend. I still prefer not to comment on the general observation about Diana’s spiritual transactions being in balance. If Gill had a particular experience with Diana such as the one with Carole, I will reply, however.

Why did Nancy say I should, before our conversation, ask, ‘Are you of the light’? You have told us that all spirits are of the light and that it is only human negativity that creates darkness – is this right?

I have assured you it is human negativity that is responsible for darkness and certainly Nancy has experienced it when people enter her home. She seeks protection from negativity, but attributes it to spirit. Spirit energy is powerful and positive. She feels the power, but wants assurance it is for ‘good’. She’s right to clear away negative thoughts present before she contacts spirits.

Are you only able to refer us to people who are already known to us? Is there no-one, anywhere, we could visit who would offer inspiration, energy, a clue as to why and how to continue? Gill feels in need of a ‘master’. I need someone to fan my dying faith into life. You do know everyone, don’t you?

I haven’t referred you to any person (Jean suggested Linde) only place where you have experienced healing. Your personal search for the help you require is actually part of the process. That is how you found Victor and Magda. You are both hunting outside yourselves for that which is within. I do not, cannot, recommend any individual to help as you have requested, for this confers a kind of approval which is not mine to make. Also, I don’t know everyone as you asked, although through various spiritual contacts I find out about them especially when the concern is about their welfare, as when you wanted to know about those already in spirit or concerned with spiritual matters such as Magda and Diana.

What is the difference between a free spirit and an angel?

It is largely what they do. The angel’s role is protecting and assisting people to help themselves. Free spirits are available to respond to human needs, furnishing energy, increasing in numbers to do that if necessary – returning to the greater whole to re-charge themselves – and always in action. Angels can be still and quiet and gentle. They are particularly close at times of bereavement, suffering and loss. They offer security and comfort at the most trying times.

Are cats especially spiritual creatures as they spend so much time asleep and therefore in spirit? Spiritual people do seem more attracted to them as pets.

A sleeping cat is not in spirit. It shuts down its body functions to low ebb. But as you know, it can leap out of apparent sound sleep instantly. Yes, cats sensitive to spirit. They are such good pets partly because they react to their owners’ emotional needs with surprising understanding and even deeper problems afflicting the humans they are aware of and respond to.

Arthur, you know tonight I have tried 3 times in 2 hours to address the dreams questions. Do I judge correctly these answers are also false (as before when I tried)?

You are right to discard them. The information in your head is now such a tangled mass you cannot pick out the meaningful parts. Do not be dismayed if you try again tomorrow and hear nothing. I may judge you need more time to overcome your aversion to these questions. Do find some time for meditation and prayer during the day to ask for help in quieting your mind.

Is it your influence, Arthur that is affecting the pendulum, or another part of me or another ‘outside’ spirit?

It is a combination of influence from me/you and sometimes whatever spirit you may succeed in reaching depending on what you want to know.

Why do I have this problem with channelling your comments on dreams?

The recent dreams provoked a highly emotional response when you read the descriptions. This greatly increased the ‘noise’ already in your mind that the swirl of information had to compete with. Interpreting is not straightforward in any case. You simply could not find clarity and sometimes became confused with your own attempt to understand the underlying message. We would lose contact briefly at these moments.

Why did you speak words to me this morning, Arthur? Am I becoming more attuned or are you becoming louder or is the situation becoming more urgent? What did I miss in your message re putting light in Gill’s room?

I always speak words to you even though what I describe as ‘noise’ keeps you from hearing me. I took advantage of your sleepy, empty condition to alert you to clearing Gill’s room by Reiki treatment before she goes to rest at night. As she always goes before you it was necessary to urge you to do it in time for her to benefit from my suggestions tonight. Use the healing energy in all 4 directions, one by one. Then finish by filling the room with the light of peace which follows the clearing. By the way, do meditate before you do the clearing. You really must be calm and quiet beforehand and finally fully focused. Don’t worry – I’ll be there with whatever help you need. Don’t even try to be specific if you are aware of ‘noisy’ interference. Your spirits, friends, and, if needed, other spirit assistants will come with me.

Have your answers this time, Arthur, been heavily influenced by Jean’s sense of being the victim?

Not directly. You know I must draw on whatever words are available for communication in Jean’s mind. This does give a slant to my answers depending on how she has been emotionally.

Gill feels there is something very spiritual/psychic and karmic in her client’s chart/life, connecting her with her husband and her struggle with MS. Is there anything you could say in relation to this so as to help with Gill’s session with her?

This is the sort of personal material that I am not free to divulge. I can say she is on the right track. She can rely on the charts she has provided using her intuitive interpretation for any information her client does not expose. This actually increases understanding more than historical data concerning past lives.

Do our Guardian Angels have names, Arthur? As they are spiritual entities, is it possible that they have a shape and size?

Guardian Angels have no names. They respond to any sensitivity of mind or spirit and also accept a name their humans give them. They understand naming helps communication. To name the angel yourself, establish a close personal contact.

If you could see them, you would see only light. That is their natural state, but they can assume any shape or size. All over the Earth people have manifested them so that they do show themselves according to the kind of appearance imagined. Frequently, they appear enormously tall and most often with wings. They may resemble the people who call upon them in physical nature, and sometimes appear in size and colouring like the people who summon them, even to clothing.

Are you exclusively mind and spirit? Do you share my bodily experiences is if they were your own? Will you incarnate in physical form again? Are you waiting for the right time? Or have you evolved beyond the need for this state of being?

I am exclusively spirit present in your mind and body, but as nearly as you understand, only present as an observer. Your other questions are intrusive. I choose not to answer them.

Are opposite forces, like dark and light, at work in the world of spirit? Is this sometimes a problem for spirit entities? Is this duality, to move away from ‘dark’ towards light, the motivating force?

When spirits which have volunteered to help mankind experience ‘darkness’ return to the spirit world, it takes special energy, theirs and ours, to counteract this identification with the ‘dark’ they have been practising. You would call it a problem to have this force active, but it is so outweighed by the normal positive movement of spirit, that it is of slight moment. Nevertheless we experience a loss of balance which is restored by the motivating force that always brings this darkness back to light.

From Gill: Arthur, thank you for being there to answer the endless, and often probing, questions. It has helped enormously.

Arthur, we are sorry for the personal intrusion. Will you confirm that it was intrusive in relation to our respective roles at this time – for surely there are no barriers when we are all in spirit?

You are correct in your assumption.

You have said that we were all created as spirits at one time when we split from All That Is. All of our experiences are different however. But with the great capacity of spirits to share and merge, are not these different experiences of different spirits eventually pooled? If not, the differences between us that exist on Earth must continue to exist in the spirit dimension with the associated ladders of hierarchy and some competitiveness or rivalry. In which case, when in spirit it might be like a race to see who can most quickly re-unite with All That Is, (but with some ‘good’ spirits staying behind to help the slow ones). This is a question about appropriate and inappropriate feelings of equality.

Yes, spirits do merge in a giant energy pool which includes all of their experiences which can be shared. You know the world of spirits exists in timelessness and spacelessness. There is no sense of difference in the quality of experience and no fast or slow in acquiring it. All is part of the whole.

May we know how many other people you help as a guide – a few or hundreds? Are you able to divide your attention should we call on you simultaneously?

You are my first concern. When I serve others (they are only a few) it is to assist their guides. There is no problem in responding to them while still giving you full attention.

How can spirit guides help their ‘charges’ if they are not aware of their presence?

Spirit guides approach their ‘charges’ through dreams, hunches, occasionally synchronous meetings, books, media presentations, physical restraints to allow and encourage thoughts (the guides don’t cause physical problems, but will use them for guidance). In other words they keep closely aware of their ‘charges’’ needs and experiences and help as much as circumstances allow.

Is the channelling from Master Hilarion authentic?

This channeller has offered Isis several possibilities (his words) to explain the meaning of her vision. Her desire and belief influenced the choices he stated. From this understanding it is authentic for her use. It supports her idea of mission.

Does Isis feel that she has no spirit guide because she has grown beyond the need for one?

Yes. That’s her belief.

Are the spirits who give her information working to help her and guide her?

They are, but she is very selective in what advice she chooses or rejects. They cannot override her free will.

Everyone has a spirit guide don’t they? There are no exceptions?

No exceptions – Everyone has a guide. You already know they occasionally exchange places. If they choose they also can withdraw from direct contact in spite of remaining close and can call on free spirits for special energy needs as well.

Isis must be sensitive to the help of her guide, because she is sensitive to spirit in this way. So, where does she think his help is coming from – her own higher self?

Although she is physical in the world, she feels so much part of the spirit realm that she does not need to ask for what she believes she already has. She doesn’t call it her higher self, but senses that she can draw on what power (help) she needs from within.

I believe you directed me to find the Wells Fargo ATM card. If so, thank you so much for this help. It had worried me. Is finding it a confirmation that the trip to California is worthwhile?

I put the positive suggestion in your mind that you knew where the card was. Then with confident expectation you found it very easily and without stress. Do you remember how calm you felt? The trip is what you make it. You and Gill will profit from separation. Both can use a holiday break, even just being apart for a time. Being with your friend will revive your spirit. Then it is necessary to keep it up and increase it.

Do you approve of the article Gill is writing?

Yes, it is a good job. She was worried about calling me ‘her guide’. When you consider how much of the guidance in these pages was intended for her, she is not really wrong in her claim. I’m pleased to be so identified in this article to serve her purposes.

Is the project Gill has in mind – introducing or exploring the astrology of the spirit – is it a viable project?

Gill is interested in character traits and qualities the chart reveals which helps to relate to a spirit as to incarnates. When this is the purpose it has real possibilities as a project. Of course it requires great care in determining the basis for the chart.

Arthur, will you comment on this article and the validity of this way of creating a birthchart for spirit? Would you say the chart created for you gives a fair representation of your interactions with us and your role in our lives?

The article is well written. Its recpetion will depend upon the readers’ acceptance of the existence of the many esoteric ideas taken for granted here. For those who do, the article is stimulating and informative. In the introduction, I question the use of a ‘reliable source’, without identifying it, concerning experience. This sentence weakens the idea which is a necessary part of introducing the article. Perhaps you can restate it so that it requires no author beyond yourself. Just state it boldly.

Preparing a chart using the moment of revelation of the spirit guide is valid. The chart created for me is indeed representative of the relationship we share.

Will you suggest how ‘readers’ might benefit from reading this article and how they might use this method?

Those who are already in communication with a guide will be intrigued by the method Gill describes in preparing a chart. The nature of the guide revealed in this way will intensify the relationship. The questions and answers cited suggest how the connection can be used. Those who read it without this experience can become interested in discovering for themselves the value of recognising their personal guides and developing a conversation with them.

Did Will give Gill this idea for creating a chart for spirit? Is it possible to create a chart for him? If so, out of which moment?

This was a kind of collaboration as Gill had a nebulous form of this idea and then Will helped to firm it into shape. She can only create a chart for Will if, from her notes, she can determine the first moment she was sure an idea came to her from him.

Why do I feel that this process is somehow blasphemous?

You feel overawed by responsibility that you could cause some disaster merely by attempting to make what you see as God-like pronouncements. You forget that these statements do not originate with you. As long as you honestly and earnestly do your best to choose language which is presented to you in your trance-like state, you are acting responsibly not blasphemously.

Might it be possible for me to give your replies to our questions in another way, like that of Jane Roberts, verbally? If so, do you have some advice on how to achieve this?

It is extremely unlikely as the organisation of your thinking precludes direct access. If you want to try it, you would be well advised to attend some meetings of those who do channel to get a sense of your own possible change of approach.

Back in September a few weeks after we began to communicate, you confirmed that Gill had received an idea in her sleep from Will (it was to do with the importance of creativity in her life). She made a chart for this (approximate) moment in the same way as she did for your birth into my consciousness, but she is uncertain of its authenticity. Are you able to say if it is a viable chart to work with?

Gill’s first contact with Will was actually the very first attempt to contact him with pen and paper. She found it completely unsuccessful but it was a real connection. It may not alter the chart significantly, but suggest Gill try it to see if her intuition tells her this moment is of greater significance. It is harder to choose a particular time since Gill is not so sure of that first meeting in dreams, ideas etc. as you are.

Considering what you said about Gill’s time of contact with Will being at around the same time as my contact with you, this gives Will the same chart as you. What does this mean?

It suggests the guiding spirits of Gill and Jean are in fact as close as you two are in spirit and give much the same guidance. The same chart doesn’t mean the same realisation of it. Will does have a personality of his own. We work well with each other from the same interest in you.

Would you be able to tell us where Graham’s RAF log books are? Perhaps a second-hand bookshop or similar. It would be so nice to recover them for him.

My work with you and Gill is toward spiritual development. When I have included others at your request it has had the same purpose. Recovering Graham’s log books is not for spiritual growth (yours or his) however well-intentioned the intent. He has gained balance (growth) from this experience of losses. It has not corrupted him, but strengthened him. Being ‘nice’ to him is best achieved by Gill’s continuing friendship.

Why does Graham hear a single knock upstairs at about 8.00pm every evening? Is a spirit trying to communicate with him? If so, what is the message?

Graham is being reminded of the friendly spirit-energy in his house. The regularity is just to call attention, as random sounds would not. The message is just, ‘hello’.

How might Graham begin to flex his psychic ability so that he may learn to use it effectively and productively?

To use his psychic ability effectively is to recognise and be aware that previous problem-solving ideas, helpful coincidences, hunches, dreams etc., are in fact counsel from the one who shows the way, his spirit guide. Naming one’s guide is an advantage is addressing him for assistance, as well as to thank him for his help. This is how to begin. It is from this source, if Graham desires to, he can learn specific ways to use his ability.

Dear Arthur, please will you help me, boost my energy, to make a link with you today. Is it good if you and I continue to communicate? Sometimes I feel as if I am meddling in an area that is nothing to do with me.

Greetings. This new attempt to contact with me is neither good nor bad. In a most inner sense you do not want to experience any more of my nature. It still frightens you and makes it very, very difficult for you. However, your willingness to try is ‘good’. Also your desire to share it with Gill for that is ‘true’, it is heart-felt and mostly unselfish. You respect the belief that a person is entitled to his thoughts unmolested. You feel you are meddling any time you ask how a person thinks or feels about a subject he has not addressed himself. Also, when no answers are available to you on any topic you feel pressed to make some reply. Then you actually are meddling. It is a fine line to discriminate when you have received an answer. Asking if it is right is not much help because even that is influenced by our mutuality. It is up to you how much you are willing to channel – you will do better if you say ‘no’ to a request when you aren’t feeling able and also to leave questions unanswered when you are really unsure. Good luck.

Gill is very interested in the new ‘spiritual warrior’ group that she has been invited to join. Will you tell us if you think it is a good idea and if Kochab is a ‘real’ spirit with good intentions? Also, Paul says that his personal guide is Eusebius the former 2nd century bishop. May we ask if this is right?

Remember that spirits have no name. In their various earthly incarnations they are associated with particular persons even as Will and I are so united with you and Gill. When we become disengaged from this association we will no longer have these names although we will retain some attributes from this alliance. Individuals largely create from spirit the guides they feel will serve them best. Paul has chosen Eusebius with whom he identified according to an inner consonance with this persona. It is as ‘right’ as Arthur and Will.

Kochab is another spirit creation, a real one, called into existence by the need to give shape and to guide by offering suggestions to the group which is currently still forming. He is not malevolent or beneficent. He offers what is needed to proceed in the direction chosen by the group who unconsciously have called him into being. If Gill can find the strength and energy to contribute, it is a good idea to take part. She has much to give should she choose.

Elaine has been having unusual contacts with spirit in her house including a hand on her back in the bath, and half-seeing someone on the stairs, and a ‘ghost-cat’ running across the bed and hearing someone say her name. Could you say if this has anything to do with her intention to buy a house and move? If not, what is it about and how should she react to it in order to benefit most?

It is up to her whether she is really ready to use her psychic abilities to contact spirit directly. That is what is being suggested. It is not connected to the house consideration but rather to call attention to how close she is to taking that step toward finding guidance through her own efforts to meet her own spirit guide.

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