Astrology offers a map for our personal inner navigational purposes. It is not saying that planets cause anything, instead it identifies through use of a universal set of guiding principles the individual’s inner dynamics. Law of Attraction still reigns supreme. There are very many variables within this universal set of guiding principles – as you might expect as they apply to everyone but in different ways.

This is the one glaring omission from the Abraham-Hicks material – the absence of any reference to the type of person we are; for some people are born in alignment, so their life might be about trying to stay there, while some will find it a daily struggle to come anywhere near perfect alignment.

This word ‘alignment’ is used a lot in astrology which is about the geometrical alignment of some solid reference points that are used to reflect our inner workings. Each of the points – and there are many – the wheel itself is divided into 360 – forms a significant alignment which may be easy or difficult (on a scale from easy to difficult) with all the other points. Esther has chosen the word alignment to represent just one good thing – a joining up with the Source energy part of us.

She also uses the word ‘contrast’ to mean just the difficult stuff that challenges us to find new ways to alignment.

We should remember that Esther is the one, the human part of the relationship, who is tasked to find the language. She is very good at it, but not in an academic way. Words come loaded with meaning and energy which may be interpreted in different ways by different people. No word can mean just one thing. Ask a semantics expert or one who studies the philosophy of language. Or a poet. Or a proper writer who works with language rather than a person who likes to set down information in an articulate way.

In 1987 I met someone who would become very important to me. Prior to then I had been teaching English literature and language in 2 countries to adolescents for the 8 years after qualifying. The person I met, who was 29 years my senior had been a lifelong musician, whose work and play was really with vibration rather than words. When we began to write to each other it was much easier for me, for my counterpart words were a clumsy vehicle of expression.

In 1985 I had started to realise this for myself through discovery of eastern religions and philosophy. This was a wonderful journey and jumping off place for me, a getting ready to be ready place for the meeting with my twin-flame. Common to us both was an appreciation of what was happening during the absence of words.

I suppose if someone spends her life talking for a living then the 15 or 20 minutes of meditation per day takes on a special significance. For those of us who spend most of our days in silence, it is not that special. The differences between people are important and interesting and significant – this is why natal astrology interests me. And this is why Esther interests me as she is the speaker for ‘the Abraham collective’ who cannot speak for themselves. But she cannot provide more words for more meanings than she knows – have you noticed this? This is how infinite intelligence is limited through individuals – all channels not just Esther. We cannot know the ‘infinite’ part of that phrase till we make our transition into non-physical. We can know it in the silence of special moments.

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