In A Nutshell

I would often question Arthur on the subject of ‘Truth’ and he would always confirm that there is no absolute truth, but that there is relative truth – truth which is relative to each person. He also never suggested that this did not extend to other realms of existence. At the time we were very eager for answers (2003-7), I was especially interested in finding the essence and origin of the answers we were receiving. I feel sure that if there were universal laws, this would have come up for discussion.

It is important perhaps to realise at this time when so many people are finding a voice for discarnate energy, that the non-physical energy can only speak to the level of understanding of both the questioner and the speaker or medium. The medium/channeller is the interpreter, the vessel for shaping what is being received. This means that the concept of universal laws is itself a relative truth.

It is easy to see how Esther Hicks is a perfect fit for the Abraham material; Abraham has said that ‘they’ are her inner guidance. This is the same arrangement that Jean had with Arthur, her inner guidance.

As with all information it will benefit us to take from it what feels right to each one of us, and leave the rest alone. There are no absolute truths – even this is a relative truth.

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