Can She Do It?

A recent question Esther selected was about someone’s feelings about his/her business, reminding me that Esther is a business person. Her 3rd house is receiving energy as indicated by Pluto which is for transformation, loss, endings and beginnings. The recipe contains all of the ingredients necessary for business: Gemini/3rd house for talking/transactions, Capricorn/ 10th for the place of business and Pluto for the essence of the contract between 2 or more people. I had to stop listening and think about this.

How does Abraham, non-physical, Source energy fit in here? Unfortunately I think it/they are the essence of the item for sale and purchase. I did not feel good about it, but I have never felt good about business. I only like equal transactions. I get uncomfortable if anyone makes too much profit although I realise it is very much the point of the game. But the components involved in Esther’s business felt to me to be confused.

I have heard Esther let the audience know on a number of occasions that she inherited a good deal of wealth on Jerry’s death. Of course she was talking about something else at the time, but she managed to squeeze in that titbit and it has cropped up again since 2011. I wonder what it is like for the audience member who travels over continents to the seminar having bought a ticket for hundreds of $$ to hear that the speaker for All That Is has so much spare $$? This sort of information was handled with discretion when Jerry was around.

Esther makes no secret of her desire for things and more things and expects her audience to want loads of things as well – and A-H want to help in the having of them. For the unfortunate people who do not have many things, the assumption from A-H or just Esther is that this is just the way other people in far off countries are used to living, end of reference. And so it seems to be with the apparent conflict of selling God for cash. Or perhaps it is just Esther’s words and her time and her overheads which are on sale? That is much more appropriate and in better taste. And Esther works very hard, we are told, to get it all right and on time.

Yet we are in the middle of a once in a lifetime pandemic right now and many performers and entertainers are offering people online concerts and shows, and celebrities have donated huge sums to the effort of funding the work to create a vaccine and buy more hospital equipment and personal protective equipment.

I wonder if a good business person can also engage in philanthropy. There is an opportunity here for Esther. Although if she feels that offering herself as the medium for non-physical is miracle enough she might not want to dilute that ‘thing’ by undervaluing it, or undervaluing herself. And perhaps in her world she feels she has not yet amassed enough to start giving it away.

Perhaps this is why there is the usual charge for a public seminar for these live recordings although it is online and no-one has to travel anywhere. She has said she has thousands of questions pouring in. Perhaps her recent need to offer the Sara books for sale is to bring all the new-comers up to date more quickly than she can in her one-hour talks. I prefer that speculation to the more obvious one of seizing a financial opportunity.

Usually, people who speak the word of God originate in the church or at least at the pulpit. Have they ever started out as business people?

I came to A-H after the death of my partner who also spoke for Source. I asked the questions. Questioners hold a different sort of energy to ‘answerers’. My partner’s Source energy was old-school. There would never have been an answer that involved remarks about quantities of money. The notion of selling the material would never have been raised as we were so intensely focused on the answers which far out-weighed any other commodity. To have priced the answers would have sullied them, coarsened them, shown us to be “in it for the money”. It would have falsified it.

Perhaps the explanation is two-fold. First, Esther makes no secret of what she is like as an ordinary person. Second, she is undergoing a very difficult transit where the possibility of loss seems as vivid as the opportunity for gain – probably more vivid because no-one ever enjoyed a Pluto transit when it is either square, opposite or conjunct a personal point.

The Pluto transit is conjunct the moon and simultaneously sextile (60 degrees and positive) Chiron in Scorpio in her 1st house. This energy feels better to her as it is more flowing. So the moon square Venus on the Descendant is very tense right now while this former aspect is not tense. I think it is giving us the opportunity to see Esther choosing between healing (herself) or hurting, the receiving or the giving of one or the other or both, as Chiron is the archetypal ‘wounded healer’ and Scorpio resonates with Pluto as well as Mars which is part of the triple natal conjunction in her 10th (also resonating with Capricorn). The fact that it is in her first house is why we are seeing this so closely. What she is doing, she is doing under the microscope and for the benefit of many newcomers. There is a certain amount of stress I would think, although Esther is used to the stage, the spotlight and receiving a very positive response. She has been doing it for more than 30 years, so by now she might need it.

It might not feel good to let an opportunity for income disappear, but it would surely elevate her above the shoulders of other high profile people who clearly seem to do everything for profit and gain.

If Esther is confident enough it might be very keen decision-making to open this up to everyone for no payment, receiving nothing more than the energy of attention and approval – and some savvy spreading of the word. She is receiving a lot to help her pass the time in isolation. Perhaps it could happen when the end of the lock-down is in sight. What do you think? Can she do it?

Can she do it?

The audio recordings are available here– top-right of page.


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