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Once upon a time long ago in the seventies and eighties I knew a deep trance medium called, John. He was popular on the platform circuit of the Spiritualist Church in the UK. John would sit on a chair on the stage before the congregation, breathe deeply for a few seconds and shortly a strange and different voice would introduce himself. I forget his name, but he was a sort of spiritual MC. He would introduce the three discarnate entities who would be speaking through John. I remember there was one called ‘Chang’ and there was a very kind and distinctive voice whose chosen identity was American Indian, I think (in those days it was a bit trendy to have an American Indian as your guide) and there was a crazy sounding voice which I found a bit scary whose name I also forget. They would speak one at a time. They would answer questions and John’s wife who was my friend recorded the events onto tape and later transcribed them. The two of them held private sessions at home as well.

Like many mediums, John was not as interested in it all as one might have thought he would be unless they, the guides, said something which caught his interest. And he accepted no praise for his efforts as this ‘gift’ had always been a part of him. He did not care about his critics if he had any as he was fine with any perceived talent or just as fine without it.

Because John was clearly ‘absent’ during the performance there was no question that any of this talk came directly from his conscious mind, but that it came from elsewhere. With Esther, however who is in the lightest of trances it is inevitable that her consciousness will be more present, and to some degree entangled in what is issuing forth.

Recently I listened to the recordings from the recent Abraham-Hicks March cruise and one person’s conversation caught my attention as it was a good example of a person with a strong Saturn. Someone probably from a rich cultural background who had enjoyed a good and long education and later worked hard to enjoy the fruits of it. Such people are efficient, organised, grounded, reliable, strong. Esther is all of these things as well, but she has formed different opinions and her Saturn is in a conjunction with Pluto and Mars all in the sign of Leo. What seemed to be happening in this conversation was that the Esther part of Abraham-Hicks was peeking in through the cracks to offer an opinion.

I heard her, through Abraham, or was it Abraham through Esther, explaining to this educated, independent woman who had broken free of a conventional corporate position in San Francisco to start her own business, that the only reason she was not making as much money as she would like was because her beliefs were holding her back, money being as available to us all as fresh air. The rules of society were mere interference. Saturn’s vibration is about order and convention, keeping good boundaries to keep the tribe safe.

Here is the conversation, see what you think – Esther’s work has been about doing what she loves above and beyond what might be considered conventional:

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