Law of Attraction and Astrology: Connections Explained

Like all the other philosophies in the world both astrology and the law of attraction are interesting, and not required knowledge for a good life.

To simplify the connection between astrology and the ‘energies’ as described in the law of attraction, here is their order of evolution:

1  Each person’s birth chart is the base chart for how we experience this physical world

2  When a transit highlights the chart/life there might be an increase or decrease in types of energy

3  Feelings, thoughts, and vibrations follow on from this, causing…

4  The stimulus towards attraction.

And that’s it.

If a teacher or preacher is saying or implying do as I do then you will be more like me, you know it is the ego talking and this person should be avoided.

Jesus, because he was human, lived and worked with the same set of physical conditions as other humans which is why his life ended in the way it did. By all accounts, and shown in the probable birth chart I have for him, he was a lovely human being with lots of positive energy to give others, so when non-physical energy flowed through him we perceive this as an enabling and positive thing. He was a natural speaker for non-physical, and the instrument for the speaking is as essential as the spiritual energy.

The more we tune into who we essentially are (as shown in the birth chart) the better we feel. Some charts/lives have difficult aspects contained within, some easy. This we work with all our lives. Yet for the difficult life when a helpful transit moves in life becomes wonderful. And it feels good too when a difficult transit moves away. This is the way it has always been.

Right now we are all suffering to an extent under what the Pluto/Saturn and Jupiter conjunction represents which is still playing out and will not be finished till December when the conjunction separates and each one progresses individually. It will resume around 2053 in Pisces perhaps rounding us back up into more spiritual people once again or bringing the Piscean options into clearer focus.

This is the astrological view and it is neutral. It does not require that we follow steps or raise our vibration, because when we can we will.

BTW, for the duration of the lock-down, transiting Saturn has been lined up with the IC in Esther’s chart which is a sign of confirmation for the birth-time we have been using. One of the meanings of the IC is ‘home’ and Esther has been experiencing restrictions at home, as per Saturn.

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